Zayn Malik on Choosing Pennsylvania to Raise Daughter with Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik shares a slice of his family life.

by Nouman Rasool
Zayn Malik on Choosing Pennsylvania to Raise Daughter with Gigi Hadid
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Zayn Malik, the celebrated 31-year-old artist, recently shared insights into his personal life, notably his decision to raise his daughter, Khai, in the serene landscapes of Pennsylvania. This revelation came during a heartfelt interview with L’Officiel, released on March 27, where Malik delved into the joys of fatherhood and his profound connection with nature.

As a new chapter unfolds in his life, Malik, alongside his former partner Gigi Hadid, cherishes the tranquility and boundless outdoor adventures that rural Pennsylvania offers. The decision to settle there was almost instinctive for Malik upon learning of Hadid's pregnancy, envisioning it as the ideal environment for Khai’s upbringing.

“The area’s rich natural offerings quickly convinced me of its suitability as a nurturing ground for my child,” Malik reflected on his early decisions regarding fatherhood. Engaging in activities like gardening, camping, and cooking outdoors, Malik and Khai find joy in the simplest of pleasures.

These experiences, Malik hopes, will lay the foundation for unforgettable memories and a deep, lasting bond. “There’s a unique joy in sharing the wonders of nature with her, from the mysteries of our vegetable garden to the serene moments spent fishing,” he shared, emphasizing the importance of these shared experiences.

Gardening: Malik's Passion

Malik’s venture into gardening, a hobby he picked up seven years ago upon moving to Pennsylvania, has grown into a passion he now shares with Khai. He humorously noted the evolution of his gardening skills, from novice to producing genuinely edible crops, sharing this love with Khai who shows an early fondness for raw vegetables and gardening.

The “Dusk Til Dawn” singer also touched upon Khai’s burgeoning musical talent, revealing her impressive ability to remember lyrics and melodies. “Her innate musicality is astonishing; her grasp of language and melody far exceeds her years,” Malik expressed, looking forward to witnessing her potential musical journey.

In addition to nurturing his daughter’s connection with nature and music, Malik appreciates the solitude Pennsylvania affords him, away from the entertainment industry's glare. This seclusion has positively influenced his latest musical endeavors, particularly the creation of his fourth studio album, “Room Under The Stairs”.

Malik credits his life in Pennsylvania with enriching his creative process, offering him the peace and introspection necessary to explore new artistic territories.

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