Sally Field Confronts Hollywood Ageism: 'Disheartening Reality'

Sally Field shares candid insights on growing older in Tinseltown.

by Nouman Rasool
Sally Field Confronts Hollywood Ageism: 'Disheartening Reality'
© Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Sally Field, the esteemed Hollywood icon at 77, has boldly declared her departure from the realm of people-pleasing, unveiling her insights on the societal pressures of aging and the challenges faced by aging women in the entertainment industry.

This revelation came during the Season 2 premiere of the acclaimed podcast ‘Wiser Than Me,’ hosted by Julia Louis Dreyfus, where Field and other influential women over 70, including Jane Fonda, share their wisdom.

Field, who boasts an illustrious career highlighted by two Oscars for best actress and a lifetime achievement award from the Screen Actors Guild, confessed that only recently has she begun to acknowledge her vast accomplishments.

She reflected on her past mindset, characterized by an incessant pursuit of the next achievement, without taking a moment to appreciate her successes. Entering her late 70s, Field shared her excitement for aging, viewing each new decade as a significant milestone and eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.

However, she expressed disappointment in the entertainment industry's diminishing regard for aging actresses, criticizing the scarcity of substantial roles and narratives for women of her age.

Wiser Reflections Unveiled

In her conversation with Dreyfus, Field also explored the profound impact of motherhood on her life and the complex dynamics of grandparenting, challenging the conventional perception of it as a role of detached responsibility.

She emphasized the importance of forging unique, meaningful relationships with her five grandchildren. Field’s openness on ‘Wiser Than Me’ mirrors the vulnerability she displayed in her 2018 memoir, where she delved into her personal history, including her experiences of s----- abuse, her relationship with her mother, and her romance with Burt Reynolds.

She attributed this candidness to the introspection that comes with aging, as one reflects on the vast expanse of life behind them. The second season of ‘Wiser Than Me,’ featuring conversations with other legendary women like Julie Andrews and Gloria Steinem, promises to offer more insightful discussions.

Available on all major podcast platforms, new episodes are set to be released weekly, inviting listeners to delve into the lives and wisdom of these remarkable women.