Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Quitting Alcohol

Hollywood Star Advocates for Healthier, More Conscious Living Choices.

by Zain ul Abedin
Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Quitting Alcohol
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In a deeply personal interview with Vanity Fair, Anne Hathaway, the acclaimed actress known for her roles in "The Devil Wears Prada" and "The Princess Diaries," shared her deliberate choice to abstain from alcohol. This decision, she reveals, stems from a place of self-awareness and a desire to lead a more present life, especially in her role as a mother.

Hathaway, at 41, is candid about her relationship with alcohol, acknowledging that while many enjoy social drinking, she felt compelled to eliminate it from her life entirely. "I knew deep down it wasn't for me," Hathaway confided in the magazine's April 2024 issue.

Her comparison of her alcohol intolerance to an allergic reaction underscores her firm stance on the matter, a decision she says was reinforced by her commitment to her mental and physical health. Motherhood played a pivotal role in Hathaway's journey towards sobriety.

She cites her three-year-old son as a primary motivator, emphasizing her desire to be fully present and aware for him—a goal that sobriety significantly aids. Hathaway is mindful to note that her path may not suit everyone, but for her, the benefits of a life without alcohol are clear.

She describes her experience as liberating, freeing her from the emotional and physical tolls of drinking. "For me, it was wallowing fuel. And I don't like to wallow," she states, highlighting the positive impact this choice has had on her wellbeing.

Embracing Mental Wellness

The actress also touches on broader lifestyle changes she's made to support her mental health, including distancing herself from online interactions that she finds draining. This holistic approach to wellbeing reflects Hathaway's commitment to living a life that fosters mental clarity and health.

Hathaway's confidence and self-assurance shine through, particularly when reflecting on early criticisms of her appeal. With a playful nod to her zodiac sign, she dismisses these as inconsequential to her self-image. Esteemed designer Donatella Versace also weighs in, praising Hathaway's strength, beauty, and, notably, her kindness and compassion.

This interview with Vanity Fair not only highlights Hathaway's decision to live alcohol-free but also offers insight into her values and the conscious choices she makes to support her health, happiness, and family. Hathaway's story is a testament to the power of personal conviction and the pursuit of a life lived true to oneself.

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