Anne Hathaway Reveals 2015 Miscarriage

Hathaway Opens Up About Personal Struggle and Solidarity.

by Nouman Rasool
Anne Hathaway Reveals 2015 Miscarriage
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In a deeply personal revelation to Vanity Fair this week, acclaimed actress Anne Hathaway shared the heartache of experiencing a miscarriage in 2015. At the time, Hathaway, now 41, was deeply immersed in her role in the Broadway show "Grounded," where she portrayed a pregnant woman.

This role, juxtaposed with her personal trials, added a layer of emotional complexity to her performance. During this challenging period, Hathaway found herself grappling with the dichotomy of her onstage persona and her offstage reality.

"The first time it didn’t work out for me," Hathaway recounted, highlighting the dissonance she felt while needing to enact childbirth nightly. The ordeal prompted her to open up to friends about her struggles, seeking solace in the shared experiences backstage.

Empathy in Sharing

Hathaway's decision to discuss her miscarriage publicly stems from a place of empathy and solidarity. She expressed a keen understanding of the isolation many feel when facing fertility challenges, emphasizing the importance of community and shared experiences in navigating such personal hardships.

"It’s really hard to want something so much and to wonder if you’re doing something wrong," she shared, echoing a sentiment known all too well by those who have faced similar struggles. The actress pointed out the surprising prevalence of miscarriages, a topic she feels is shrouded in unnecessary silence.

Citing statistics from the Mayo Clinic, Hathaway highlighted the gap in public awareness and the commonality of this experience, which affects 10% to 20% of pregnancies. Today, Hathaway is the mother of two sons, aged 8 and 4, with her husband, producer Adam Shulman.

Her journey to motherhood, marked by its trials and triumphs, underscores a narrative of resilience and hope. Additionally, Hathaway touched upon her career, particularly the support she received from director Christopher Nolan during a time when her public image was under scrutiny.

She credited Nolan for offering her a significant role in "Interstellar" (2014), a move that reinvigorated her career trajectory amidst adversity. This candid interview not only sheds light on Hathaway's personal journey but also offers a glimpse into her upcoming project, "The Idea of You," where she takes on both producer and starring roles alongside Nicholas Galitzine.

Through her story, Hathaway aims to break the silence around miscarriage, fostering a sense of unity and understanding among those who have endured similar pain.

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