Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce to Keep New Restaurant Affordably Priced for All

Mahomes Unveils Post-Game Celebration Plans with a Culinary Twist.

by Zain ul Abedin
Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce to Keep New Restaurant Affordably Priced for All
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Kansas City Chiefs' stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are venturing into the culinary scene with an exciting announcement that is creating quite the buzz among fans and foodies alike. The dynamic duo revealed their plans to open a steakhouse, 1587 Prime, in their beloved Kansas City, promising a dining experience that's accessible to all.

The revelation came during Mahomes' appearance at the 101 Awards press conference on Friday, where he was honored with the Derrick Thomas Award. In a candid discussion, Mahomes expressed the duo's intention to make 1587 Prime a welcoming spot for everyone, emphasizing their desire to avoid creating an overly upscale ambiance.

"We’ve spent considerable time contemplating this project," Mahomes shared, his excitement palpable. "Having been inseparable and regulars at various eateries, Travis and I share a passion for uniting people. We aim to extend this camaraderie to 1587 Prime, fostering a space where Kansas City residents can gather and create memories." When humorously prodded about the pricing by a reporter, suggesting a "$15 menu," Mahomes didn't shy away from agreeing that affordability was a key consideration.

He clarified, "While there might be items priced at $15, our core objective is inclusivity. We envision 1587 Prime as Kansas City’s culinary haven, where everyone feels welcome to relish the offerings."

Victory Feasts at 1587

Mahomes also hinted at the potential for the steakhouse to become a celebratory spot for post-game gatherings, envisioning victories at Arrowhead Stadium followed by festivities at 1587 Prime.

Beyond the community and celebration, Mahomes teased the menu, playfully noting his favorite condiment, ketchup, would definitely make an appearance, nodding to his well-documented fondness for it. The announcement of 1587 Prime, named after the combination of Mahomes' and Kelce's jersey numbers, was made earlier this month.

Slated for an early 2025 opening, the steakhouse will occupy a sprawling 10,000 square feet over two floors within the Loews Kansas City Hotel. A partnership with the global hospitality group Noble 33 promises a blend of modern dining and subtle tributes to the pair’s football achievements.

"Joining forces with Noble 33 on this venture is thrilling," Kelce stated. "There’s no better place to launch this unique dining concept than in Kansas City, a city we call home." As the community eagerly anticipates the opening of 1587 Prime, Mahomes and Kelce continue to demonstrate their commitment to Kansas City, not just as athletes on the field, but as entrepreneurs aiming to enrich the city's cultural and social landscape.

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