Jesse Metcalfe: Extreme Prep for 'John Tucker Must Die

Metcalfe Reveals Intense 'John Tucker' Role Preparation

by Zain ul Abedin
Jesse Metcalfe: Extreme Prep for 'John Tucker Must Die
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In a candid revelation at Epic Cons Chicago, Jesse Metcalfe opened up about the intense regimen and emotional strain he endured while preparing for his role in the 2006 hit teen comedy, "John Tucker Must Die." The actor, best known for his role in "Desperate Housewives," shared the stage with co-stars Sophia Bush and Arielle Kebbel, reflecting on the significant pressures of embodying the high school heartthrob, John Tucker.

Metcalfe, 45, detailed the extreme lengths he went to fit into his character's shoes, including a strict diet void of almost anything but salmon and a grueling thrice-daily workout routine. "I was not eating, and I was working out three times a day," he admitted, emphasizing the dedication to his physical preparation any time he was off the set.

The film, which serves as a modern twist on William Shakespeare’s "The Merry Wives of Windsor," directed by Betty Thomas with a screenplay by Jeff Lowell, showcased Metcalfe as the eponymous character, a charming yet manipulative high school athlete.

Alongside a talented cast including Bush, Kebbel, Ashanti, and Brittany Snow, the storyline follows a group of scorned ex-girlfriends plotting their revenge on Tucker.

Metcalfe Teases Sequel

Discussing the role's challenges, Metcalfe confessed to the audience about the anxiety and pressure he faced, marking his first lead in a major project.

His co-stars Bush, 41, and Kebbel, 39, echoed his sentiments, noting the demanding environment on set, particularly concerning body image expectations. Metcalfe also reflected humorously on the comedic demands of the role, citing particularly memorable scenes that pushed him out of his comfort zone, such as parading in women’s underwear and executing a risqué escape in a towel.

Nearly two decades after the film’s debut, Metcalfe, alongside Bush and Kebbel, teased the audience with the exciting news of a potential sequel in the works. While Metcalfe has yet to peruse the script, he shared his enthusiasm for the project, hinting at a storyline that could offer a redemptive arc for his character.

"There's a script," he revealed, "Apparently it's amazing… I'd definitely love to be a part of it”. Kebbel confirmed the sequel's development, indicating that the original cast might reunite to explore further dimensions of their characters, particularly John Tucker's opportunity for transformation.

Metcalfe humorously expressed his readiness to bring a "dad bod" to the silver screen, signaling a new chapter for the iconic character and his co-stars in the much-anticipated follow-up to their beloved film.