Joey's Unique Proposal: Ring Reflects Kelsey's Radiance

Love's Radiance Shines: Bachelor's Custom Ring for Fiancée

by Zain ul Abedin
Joey's Unique Proposal: Ring Reflects Kelsey's Radiance
© Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

In a heartwarming display of commitment and thoughtfulness, Joey Graziadei, star of The Bachelor's season 28, reveals exclusive details about the meticulously planned proposal to his now-fiancée, Kelsey Anderson. Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, Joey shares the significance behind every detail leading up to the unforgettable moment on the season finale.

Joey emphasizes that Kelsey's hand was the only one he envisioned holding as he rehearsed the proposal in his mind. "I didn't ever grab someone else's hand, I want that to be known. [Hers] was the only hand I ever grabbed," he affirms, underscoring the depth of his connection with Kelsey.

Understanding Kelsey's preference for an elongated cut to complement her elegant fingers, Joey worked closely with renowned celebrity jewelry designer Neil Lane to craft a ring that would be uniquely hers. The result? A breathtaking Art Deco-inspired piece featuring an exquisite emerald-cut diamond flanked by two shield-shaped stones, set on a platinum band adorned with brilliant-cut diamonds, totaling approximately 4 carats.

Lane shares insights into Joey's thoughtful approach, highlighting his desire to capture Kelsey's radiance, uniqueness, and sentimental nature. The choice of shield-shaped diamonds symbolizes the couple's commitment to protecting each other — a touching sentiment reflecting the depth of their bond.

Love's Profound Journey

For Joey, the selection process was imbued with significance, knowing the importance of choosing a ring that resonated with Kelsey's personal style and cherished memories. He confesses to having been in love with Kelsey for some time, underscoring the profound emotion driving his decisions.

Kelsey, upon seeing the ring, immediately recognized Joey's unwavering devotion. "I saw the ring, I was like, 'Yeah, it was always going to be me,'" she recalls with fondness, expressing her admiration for the stunning piece that now adorns her finger.

With every facet of the proposal meticulously planned and executed, Joey and Kelsey's journey serves as a poignant reminder of love's power to transcend reality television, culminating in a moment of pure joy and everlasting commitment.