Eric Decker Gets Vasectomy a Month After Jessie Welcomes 4th Baby: 'I Survived

Deckers Celebrate Family Growth and Father's Dedication Post-Vasectomy

by Zain ul Abedin
Eric Decker Gets Vasectomy a Month After Jessie Welcomes 4th Baby: 'I Survived
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Jessie James Decker and her spouse, Eric Decker, have recently signaled a new chapter in their lives with a significant update. Eric, the 37-year-old former NFL star, humorously announced his vasectomy through an Instagram post, underlining the event with a lighthearted caption, "I survived." The post featured a series of photos beginning with Eric in hospital attire, hinting at the procedure with a strategically placed biohazard bin in the backdrop.

Further slides included him donning a T-shirt emblazoned with "Vasectomy survivor. I kid you not," eliciting laughter and playful eye-rolls from Jessie James, 35, in the comments. This update comes shortly after the duo celebrated the arrival of their fourth child, a son named Denver Calloway Decker, in early February.

The couple's journey, married since 2013, has been a public testament to their growing family and deepening bonds. In a revealing conversation with PEOPLE, Jessie James shared the dreamy inspiration behind their newest addition's name, tying it to significant milestones in their lives together, including their romance inception in Denver, their marriage, and the birth of their first three children.

Embracing New Chapters

Denver's arrival has not only expanded their family but has also brought immense joy and added responsibilities for his older siblings - Vivianne Rose, 10, Eric "Bubby" Thomas II, 8, and Forrest Bradley, 5.

Jessie James expressed to PEOPLE how the elder Deckers have embraced their roles, showing a deeper understanding and enthusiasm for their younger brother's arrival, contrasting with their experiences as youngsters themselves during previous family expansions.

In anticipation of Father's Day, Jessie James took to social media to extend her heartfelt appreciation for Eric's dedication as a father, lovingly dubbing him a "vasectomy survivor" and celebrating his role in their children's lives.

The tribute showcased the family's unity and love, captured in beachside photographs and candid moments among the siblings, painting a picture of a tightly-knit family embracing life's changes together. As the Deckers navigate this new phase, their story remains a testament to the joys, challenges, and humorous moments that parenting and partnership bring, inviting their fans and followers into a world where family, love, and laughter reign supreme.