Mutual Friend of Princes Harry and William Dispatches Wedding Invitations

Royal Attendance at Grosvenor Wedding Sparks Speculation.

by Zain ul Abedin
Mutual Friend of Princes Harry and William Dispatches Wedding Invitations
© Toby Melville - WPA Pool/Getty Images

In an event that could potentially bridge royal divides, Prince Harry and Prince William might find themselves among the esteemed guests at the forthcoming wedding of their mutual friend, Hugh Grosvenor. The esteemed Duke of Westminster, aged 33, is poised to marry his long-term partner, Olivia Henson, in a ceremony set to take place at Chester Cathedral on June 4, stirring excitement and speculation about the royal attendance.

Hugh Grosvenor, a figure deeply entwined in the fabric of British aristocracy and a close companion to both Princes, has officially dispatched invitations for his much-anticipated nuptials. This gesture extends an olive branch to the royal siblings, amid ongoing reports of familial strains.

The Mirror reveals that Prince William, alongside his wife, Kate Middleton, is expected to grace the event, potentially assuming a prominent role with their children. This wouldn't come as a surprise, given Grosvenor's special bond with Prince George as his godfather, underlining the depth of their connection to the Cambridge family.

Harry & Meghan's Dilemma

However, the attendance of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, hangs in a delicate balance. Despite Grosvenor's close affiliation with the Duke of S-----, there have been swirling rumors about the couple's participation.

In December 2023, The Daily Mail cited a source close to Sus---, indicating that although Harry had received a preliminary "save the date," he initially declined to circumvent any potential discomfort amidst the royal ensemble.

The dynamic, however, remains fluid, with recent developments suggesting a possible softening of tensions within the royal quarters. Still, the Suss---- face a poignant scheduling conflict that could influence their final decision.

June 4 also marks the third birthday of their daughter, Princess Lilibet, presenting a personal quandary about where to allocate their presence on such a significant day. As speculation mounts, the question looms: will Harry and Meghan opt to celebrate in the intimate circle of their family or partake in the grandeur of Grosvenor's wedding, potentially signaling a new chapter in royal reconciliations? Only time will tell how these narratives will unfold, capturing the attention of royal watchers and the public alike.