Yellowstone’ Actor Forrie J. Smith Removed from Flight for Mask Dispute

Actor's controversial health beliefs spark unexpected airport incident.

by Nouman Rasool
Yellowstone’ Actor Forrie J. Smith Removed from Flight for Mask Dispute
© Greg Doherty/Getty Images

In a surprising turn of events over the weekend, Forrie J. Smith, widely recognized for his role as Lloyd Pierce in Paramount Network's critically acclaimed series "Yellowstone," found himself embroiled in a contentious incident that led to his removal from a flight, leaving him stranded at an airport in Houston.

The actor took to Instagram to share his peculiar ordeal with his followers, revealing that his discomfort with a masked passenger was the reason behind the airline's decision to remove him from the plane. In the video he posted on Saturday, Smith candidly admitted to having consumed alcohol during his extended wait at the airport, stating, "Yeah, I’ve been drinking.

I’ve been sitting in the airport for three hours. Yeah, I’m drinking. But I ain’t drunk. But they throwed me off the plane because I’m drunk." This incident underscores Smith's well-known opposition to public health mandates, which he has voiced previously in a highly publicized stance against the COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

Vaccine Stance Fallout

Notably, in 2022, Smith chose not to attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards alongside his "Yellowstone" colleagues due to the event's vaccination mandate. He expressed his apologies and his firm stance against vaccination through another video on Instagram, elaborating on his lifelong avoidance of vaccinations and his belief in their potential to compromise immunity.

During his recent video discussing the flight incident, Smith did not mention the airline he was flying with or his intended destination, focusing instead on his objection to being seated next to a masked individual. His statement, "I just told them I didn’t feel comfortable sitting next to someone that had to wear a mask.

And I’m off the plane," encapsulates the incident's essence. This episode arrives as fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of "Yellowstone," with Paramount Network announcing the production of the show's final episodes set to commence in late spring 2024.

The premiere for the concluding half of the fifth and final season is slated for November 2024, marking the end of the trailblazing series conceived by Taylor Sheridan, which last greeted audiences with its midseason finale on January 6, 2023.