Lazenby Supports Taylor-Johnson for Bond Role

Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Bond role sparks debate and backlash.

by Zain ul Abedin
Lazenby Supports Taylor-Johnson for Bond Role
© David Buchan/Getty Images for GREAT Britain Campaign

George Lazenby, the esteemed actor who immortalized James Bond in the 1969 cinematic classic "On Her Majesty’s Secret Service," has recently voiced his support for Aaron Taylor-Johnson to inherit the iconic role of 007.

In an engaging discussion with TMZ, Lazenby extolled Taylor-Johnson's qualifications, specifically highlighting his prowess in performing stunts and his ability to captivate the franchise's dedicated fanbase, noting, “He can handle the stunts, and all the ladies who love a man in a tux”.

Lazenby's endorsement arrives amidst fervent speculation and discussions about who will next portray the suave secret agent. Although he mentioned that Taylor-Johnson had not officially received the role, Lazenby recounted his own extensive audition process for Bond, suggesting a shared understanding of the challenges and expectations associated with taking on such a prestigious part.

He conveyed his readiness to stand behind Taylor-Johnson, should the younger actor prove capable of doing justice to the beloved character.

Taylor-Johnson Bond Controversy

The buzz around Taylor-Johnson potentially stepping into James Bond's shoes was amplified following a report by The Sun, which claimed that Eon Productions had extended a formal offer to him, anticipating the commencement of the 26th Bond film later this year.

Despite these claims, Taylor-Johnson, in a GQ interview conducted prior to The Sun's publication, seemed to dismiss the idea of being confined to a singular film genre, stating his ambition to excel beyond any predefined career trajectory and expressing reservations about becoming typecast in action roles.

This potential casting decision has not been without its controversies, sparking an antisemitic backlash on social media platforms, with critics threatening to boycott the Bond franchise should Taylor-Johnson, who is of Jewish descent, be cast.

The actor previously embraced his heritage in a 2015 Guardian interview, where he expressed appreciation for his Jewish roots and distinctive appearance. As the film industry and fans alike continue to speculate on who will next portray James Bond, following Daniel Craig’s departure after "No Time to Die," several names have circulated as potential successors, including Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, James Norton, Regé-Jean Page, and Idris Elba.

The anticipation surrounding the next Bond installment remains high, with the franchise's future direction and choice of leading actor a topic of widespread interest and debate. Lazenby's backing of Taylor-Johnson adds a notable perspective to the ongoing discourse, underscoring the legacy and enduring appeal of the James Bond saga.