Biden Delivers Cutting 'Congratulations' to Trump, Hidden With Scorn

Biden's humor ignites debate at recent campaign event.

by Nouman Rasool
Biden Delivers Cutting 'Congratulations' to Trump, Hidden With Scorn
© Rebecca Noble/Getty Images

President Joe Biden took to Twitter on Sunday to offer his counterpart, Donald Trump, a dose of sarcasm thinly veiled as congratulations. This public jibe comes in the wake of Trump's self-congratulatory messages about securing both the club championship and the senior club championship at his Trump International Golf Club located in Florida.

From his personal Twitter account, Biden remarked on the achievement with a tongue-in-cheek tone, highlighting the irony of Trump winning trophies from a club that bears his own name. "Quite the accomplishment," Biden quipped, signaling a departure from his previous stance of rarely mentioning Trump by name. This shift towards a more openly mocking tone underscores an escalating verbal sparring between the two political figures.

The context of this banter is not limited to achievements on the golf course. Just last week, Biden couldn't resist commenting on Trump's financial woes, following revelations that the former president expressed difficulties in posting a $464 million bond related to his fraud case. At a fundraising event, Biden recounted an encounter with a "defeated-looking man" who confessed to being burdened by crushing debt, to which Biden humorously responded, "Donald, I'm sorry. I can't help you."

Biden Mocks Trump's Advice

The exchange of barbs continued over the weekend when Biden, speaking at a campaign event, revisited one of Trump's most controversial suggestions during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic concerning the injection of bleach as a potential treatment. "Remember when he said inject bleach? I think he must've done it," Biden told his audience, further fueling the rhetorical fire.

The reaction on social media was swift, with the term "Dark Brandon" trending on X, accompanied by a wave of messages expressing support for Biden's pointed humor. This latest exchange highlights not only the personal animosity between Biden and Trump but also the increasingly acerbic nature of their political rivalry, reflecting a broader trend of divisiveness in American political discourse.