Grimes Debuts New Beau on Instagram Post-Elon Musk Breakup

Music and romance intertwine for Grimes and Anyma.

by Nouman Rasool
Grimes Debuts New Beau on Instagram Post-Elon Musk Breakup
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Canadian musician Grimes, known offstage as Claire Elise Boucher, has made her relationship with a new partner Instagram official. On March 23, the 36-year-old artist took to Instagram to share a series of intimate photographs with her new love interest, set against a captivating purple-lit backdrop, signaling a new chapter in her personal life following her high-profile split from tech mogul Elon Musk.

While Grimes chose not to identify her partner directly in the post, sharp-eyed followers quickly recognized him as Matteo Milleri, better known by his stage name Anyma, a rising star in the electronic dance music scene.

The photographs depict a tender moment between the two, with one image capturing Milleri affectionately caressing Boucher's cheek as they gaze into each other's eyes, another showing a passionate kiss, and a third featuring the couple in a serene pose, with Grimes resting her hand on Anyma's shoulder.

Creative Love Symphony

The caption, "Beauty and the Beast," alongside the evocative images, sparked enthusiastic reactions from fans, with comments ranging from declarations of them being the ultimate EDM power couple to praises for their bold public declaration of love.

The collaboration between Grimes and Anyma extends beyond their romantic involvement. The duo has been creatively intertwined over the past year, notably on the track "Welcome To The Opera," released in June 2023. They further captivated audiences with a remix performance of the song at the 2024 Zamna Festival in Tulum, Mexico.

Their shared professional endeavors hint at a deepening connection both musically and personally. Grimes' relationship history includes her well-documented romance with Elon Musk, with whom she shares three children. Despite their separation, Grimes has expressed that Musk remains a significant figure in her life, emphasizing their enduring bond and co-parenting commitment.

As Grimes embarks on this new romantic journey with Anyma, fans and followers are keenly watching, celebrating her openness and the fusion of artistic talents that promise to bring fresh creativity to the music industry.

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