Drake Bell Critiques Nickelodeon's Lackluster Reply to 'Quiet On Set' Issues

Actor opens up about personal struggles and network's reaction.

by Nouman Rasool
Drake Bell Critiques Nickelodeon's Lackluster Reply to 'Quiet On Set' Issues
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In his first public discussion since the premiere of the "Quiet on Set" docuseries, Drake Bell, best known for his role on "Drake & Josh," openly criticized Nickelodeon's lackluster reaction to serious allegations made within the series.

Bell, during the revealing documentary, accused Brian Peck, a former dialogue coach for Nickelodeon shows such as "All That" and "The Amanda Show," of se------ abusing him during his early years as a child actor on the network.

Peck faced arrest in 2003 over multiple allegations of se---- misconduct with a minor and, after pleading no contest to two counts of child molestation the following year, received a sentence of 16 months in prison, in addition to being mandated to register as a se- offender.

In light of Bell's disclosure, Nickelodeon issued a statement to various media entities, expressing their dismay and sadness upon learning about Bell's experiences, while applauding his courage for coming forward. Additionally, in statements appended to "Quiet on Set" episodes, the network emphasized its commitment to maintaining a safe, professional environment through the investigation of formal complaints and the implementation of "numerous safeguards."

Bell Question's Nickelodeon

Bell, however, expressed skepticism about the sincerity of Nickelodeon's statement in an episode of the "Sarah Fraser Show" podcast, suggesting that the network's response seemed strategically crafted by legal professionals to acknowledge his trauma without admitting prior knowledge or culpability.

Bell lamented the lack of substantive support from the network, highlighting that despite the airing of his grievances, his shows continue to be broadcast, leaving him to bear the costs of his own therapy and recovery. Further detailing his dissatisfaction, Bell recounted instances where his father, Joe Bell—who also features in the documentary—had raised concerns to Nickelodeon executives about inappropriate adult conduct towards minors, only to be disregarded.

Bell criticized the network's approach to investigations, labeling them ineffective and accusing Nickelodeon of dishonesty in their claims of conducting thorough inquiries into such matters.