Karen Byrne's Sunny Escape Post-DWTS Triumph

Victorious Karen Byrne swaps Dublin for Cancún with Jake.

by Nouman Rasool
Karen Byrne's Sunny Escape Post-DWTS Triumph
© karendwts/Instagram

Fresh off her triumphant win on "Dancing with the Stars," Karen Byrne has traded the gloomy skies of Ireland for the sun-soaked beaches of Mexico. The Dublin native, alongside her celebrity dance partner Jason Smyth, clinched the glitterball trophy after a sensational finale on St.

Patrick’s Day. Following the intense preparation and execution of their routines on the beloved RTE program, Byrne is now taking a much-needed vacation with her significant other, Jake Carter. The duo has made their way to the vibrant shores of Cancún, seeking relaxation after a bustling start to their year.

Their social media feeds are peppered with images of the couple basking in the sun beside the pool and soaking in the stunning ocean vistas. Their journey to paradise wasn't without its hurdles; a missed connection in New York momentarily delayed their tranquility.

However, they're now fully immersed in their serene escape, gearing up for the busy schedule that awaits them in the world of dance and entertainment.

Byrne's Inspiring Victory

Byrne shared with the RTE Guide their limited holiday duration, emphasizing her reluctance to be away from her pet dog, Lenny, for too long due to separation anxiety.

Thankfully, Lenny is in the caring hands of Byrne’s mother, ensuring peace of mind during their getaway. Carter highlighted the packed agenda upon their return, including a stage school show, a dance retreat in Marbella, and studio commitments, underlining the importance of savoring their current respite.

Byrne’s recent victory marks her second win on "Dancing with the Stars," her first being with Carter in 2018. Reflecting on her experience with Smyth, a paralympian with a vision impairment, Byrne expressed the initial challenges and her profound admiration for his resilience and positive impact on viewers and herself alike.

This journey, according to Byrne, transcends the competition’s emphasis on scores, celebrating the personal growth and inspirational stories that unfold on the dance floor.