Kevin McGarry Teases Singing at His Wedding

Kevin McGarry reveals heartfelt details of upcoming nuptials

by Zain ul Abedin
Kevin McGarry Teases Singing at His Wedding
© Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Kevin McGarry, renowned for his role on Hallmark's hit series "When Calls the Heart," recently shared insights into his highly anticipated wedding with co-star Kayla Wallace, revealing plans that blend tradition with personal flair.

In an engaging interview with Entertainment Tonight, McGarry, 39, hinted at the possibility of gracing his wedding guests with a musical performance. The actor playfully suggested that the influence of champagne might lead to a serenade from himself or even a duet with Wallace, underscoring the couple's shared passion for music.

"We always play music together," McGarry reflected, noting that their collaboration in music was foundational to their relationship. This openness to a musical interlude at their wedding speaks volumes about their personal connection and shared joys.

McGarry-Wallace Wedding Plans

Further delving into the wedding details, McGarry conveyed his preference for a classic tuxedo, aiming for an elegant simplicity that complements the significance of the day. He also expressed a desire for personalized vows, hoping to infuse the ceremony with a sense of intimacy and humor that reflects their unique bond.

However, McGarry was quick to distance himself from the idea of a choreographed first dance, preferring to embrace the spontaneity of the moment, a philosophy he applies to life at large. The couple is contemplating a Canadian setting for their nuptials, a nod to their familial ties, despite the allure of a destination wedding.

Post-celebration, McGarry and Wallace's adventurous spirit leans towards exploring new cities over traditional honeymoon lounging, indicating a shared appetite for cultural and culinary discoveries. McGarry's approach to wedding planning is refreshingly collaborative, emphasizing Wallace's preferences for key decisions, from the cake to the ceremony's finer details.

This collaborative spirit extends to the guest list, which will include some familiar faces from their "When Calls the Heart" family, promising an intimate yet star-studded gathering. In sharing these details, McGarry paints a picture of a wedding that is deeply personal, blending traditional elements with the couple's unique quirks and preferences.

It's a celebration not just of their love, but of their shared experiences and the life they're building together, promising a day filled with meaningful moments, heartfelt vows, and possibly, a memorable musical performance.