Drake Bell Addresses 'Quiet On Set' in First Interview

Drake Bell reveals rehab journey and family's involvement.

by Zain ul Abedin
Drake Bell Addresses 'Quiet On Set' in First Interview
© Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

In a candid revelation on "The Sarah Fraser Show" podcast, actor and musician Drake Bell opened up for the first time since the release of HBO's revealing documentary, "Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV." The documentary shed light on the troubling underbelly of children's television, including Bell's own experiences of se---- abuse as a teenager by "The Amanda Show" dialogue coach Brian Peck.

Bell expressed his dissatisfaction with Nickelodeon's reaction to the allegations presented in the documentary. He critiqued the network's statement as a carefully crafted, albeit hollow, response likely constructed by a high-profile attorney.

"Their responses seem pretty empty to me," Bell remarked, pointing out the irony of Nickelodeon continuing to air the shows while he bears the cost of therapy and recovery from the trauma inflicted. The actor's decision to participate in the documentary stemmed from a sense of trust and comfort with the production team, contrasting sharply with his experience with another documentary project that sought his involvement.

Bell recalled being shamed for his reluctance to participate in the other project, a response that left him wary of discussing such a sensitive topic publicly.

Bell's Path to Healing

Bell's journey to healing led him to rehab after his initial meeting with the producers of "Quiet on Set." He detailed the intensive trauma and group therapy sessions that helped him confront and process his experiences.

"After that interview, I ended up checking myself into rehab," he shared, emphasizing the therapeutic process's role in his decision to eventually share his story more openly. Additionally, Bell spoke about the difficult decision to involve his father in the documentary.

He hoped that participating might offer his father a sense of catharsis and help alleviate any misplaced guilt. "My dad is a very emotional guy... I thought this might be an opportunity for him to realize that it's one person's fault," Bell explained, reflecting on the complex emotional landscape his family navigated following the revelations.

In the wake of "Quiet on Set," Nickelodeon released a statement expressing dismay and sadness over Bell's disclosed trauma, commending his courage in coming forward. The network also reiterated its commitment to a safe and professional workplace, underscoring its investigative processes and safeguards to maintain its standards and meet audience expectations.

This statement underscores the ongoing conversation around safety and accountability in the entertainment industry, particularly concerning young performers.