Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid's NYC Date Night Dinner

Speculation mounts over Cooper and Hadid's blossoming connection.

by Nouman Rasool
Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid's NYC Date Night Dinner
© Aliah Anderson/Getty Images

Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid have once again been spotted together, fueling further speculation about their relationship. This time, the dynamic duo graced the streets of New York City for an enchanting dinner date at Cucina Alba, a renowned Italian eatery that boasts a cozy ambiance and an exquisite menu, making it a favorite among the city's elite.

On this particular Friday evening, the paparazzi managed to capture the couple as they exited the restaurant, offering a glimpse into their stylish yet understated date night attire. Gigi Hadid, the 28-year-old supermodel, exuded effortless elegance in a casual-chic ensemble, pairing a sleek black sweater with a leather jacket and complementing blue jeans.

Adding a pop of color to her look were her bright red lipstick and nail polish, while her new bob haircut underscored her fashion-forward sensibility. Clutching a matching leather bag, Hadid led the way with a confident stride.

Not far behind was Bradley Cooper, the 49-year-old esteemed actor known for his versatile roles in cinema. Cooper's relaxed demeanor was mirrored in his choice of a classic black and white letterman jacket, paired with brown slacks and casual footwear, radiating a laid-back yet polished vibe.

Their recent outing comes on the heels of another public display of affection earlier in the month, when they were spotted sharing a tender kiss during an outdoor dining experience at Via Carota, also in New York City. This intimate moment was part of a celebration for "Queer Eye" star Antoni Porowski's birthday, alongside friends.

Witnesses to their interaction described the pair as being visibly smitten, exchanging smiles and enjoying each other's company in a charming display of budding romance.

Romance Rumors Swirl

Rumors of their potential romance began to swirl in October 2023, following sightings of the pair together on several occasions, including departures from high-profile dining establishments in a shared vehicle.

These instances have only added to the intrigue surrounding their relationship status, with insiders hinting at a casual yet unmistakably magnetic connection between them. Both Cooper and Hadid have previously navigated the complexities of high-profile relationships and are no strangers to the scrutiny that comes with their celebrity status.

Despite this, they've managed to carve out moments of privacy and intimacy, even being spotted hand-in-hand during a leisurely stroll in London earlier this year. Additionally, Cooper has been seen donning apparel from Hadid's fashion brand, Guest in Residence, signaling a mutual appreciation and support for each other's professional endeavors.

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