David Schwimmer to Star in Goosebumps S2

David Schwimmer brings chills in the latest Goosebumps saga.

by Nouman Rasool
David Schwimmer to Star in Goosebumps S2
© Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

This week is a treasure trove for aficionados of the darker, more eccentric side of cinema. A delightful teaser for the much-anticipated "Beetlejuice" sequel has been unveiled, stirring excitement amongst fans. In addition, there's thrilling news from the television front: the "Goosebumps" series on Disney Plus and Hulu, based on R.L.

Stine's immensely popular book series, has made a significant casting announcement for its second season. David Schwimmer, widely recognized for his role as Ross in "Friends," is set to join the ensemble in a pivotal role. The upcoming season of "Goosebumps" will veer into the lives of teenage siblings who stumble upon a menacing threat.

This discovery sets off a series of events, peeling layers off a deep-seated mystery. As the narrative unfolds, they find themselves wrapped in a spine-chilling saga linked to the disappearance of four teenagers under enigmatic circumstances three decades ago.

Goosebumps Season Two

According to Deadline, David Schwimmer will portray Anthony, a former botany professor navigating life as a divorced father. His character is tasked with caring for an elderly parent while entertaining his twin children over the summer.

Schwimmer's character promises to add a compelling dynamic to the show, enriching the storyline with his nuanced performance. Joining Schwimmer is a talented cast featuring Sam McCarthy and Jayden Bartels as the twins, Devin and Cece, with Elijah Cooper, Galilea La Salvia, and Francesca Noel playing pivotal roles.

The season also welcomes Ana Ortiz, known for her roles in "Ugly Betty" and "Love, Victor," as Jen, a dedicated police detective. While the exact release date remains under wraps, anticipation builds for the second season's unique anthology format, which promises to weave a singular story across its episodes.

"Goosebumps" Season Two is expected to premiere on Disney Plus and Hulu, potentially in late 2024. For fans eager for a dose of suspense, this season is shaping up to be a must-watch, promising a thrilling blend of mystery and adventure.