Karen Pittman Exits 'And Just Like That...' Ahead of Season 3

Star faces tough choice amid rising demands on time.

by Zain ul Abedin
Karen Pittman Exits 'And Just Like That...' Ahead of Season 3
© Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

In a recent announcement that has taken both fans and the entertainment industry by surprise, it's been confirmed that Karen Pittman, celebrated for her role as Professor Nya Wallace, will not be gracing the screens in the upcoming third season of the beloved series 'And Just Like That…'

This departure comes amidst a flurry of production and scheduling conflicts that have rendered it impossible for Pittman to continue her journey with the show, a spokesperson for Max revealed to PEOPLE. Pittman's exit marks a significant shift for the series, which has seen her character become an integral part of the narrative fabric, weaving into the lives of Miranda Hobbes (played by Cynthia Nixon) and the wider circle with grace and depth.

Her portrayal of Professor Wallace brought a fresh dynamic to the storyline and resonated with audiences for its authenticity and relatability.

Pittman's Difficult Departure

"Karen Pittman's embodiment of the smart and captivating Professor Nya Wallace across the first two seasons of 'And Just Like That…' has been a genuine joy," expressed a representative from Max.

"Her dedication and dynamic presence have not only captivated our team but have drawn the attention of others across the streaming landscape." Pittman, who also shines in AppleTV+'s 'The Morning Show' and is set to appear in Netflix's new series 'Forever,' has reached a point where juggling commitments across three major shows has become untenable.

This bustling schedule has ultimately led to the difficult decision to step away from 'And Just Like That…,' much to the disappointment of fans and colleagues alike. During her tenure on the show, Pittman's character Nya Wallace experienced significant personal growth and changes, notably navigating through a divorce and finding new love, mirroring the experiences and solidarity among the series' leading women.

Pittman, reflecting on her role, shared with PEOPLE the joy and fulfillment found in exploring the nuances of female friendships and support systems through the lens of her character. As Pittman bids farewell to the series, her departure opens up new avenues for her talents, notably her return to 'The Morning Show' as Mia Jordan and her upcoming role in the adaptation of Judy Blume’s novel 'Forever' on Netflix.

While her presence on 'And Just Like That…' will be sorely missed, her burgeoning career promises more compelling performances that her fans can eagerly look forward to.