Ricky Martin: 'Generous Lover' with Buzzing DMs

Ricky Martin shares intimate details on talk show.

by Zain ul Abedin
Ricky Martin: 'Generous Lover' with Buzzing DMs
© Mike Windle/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Ricky Martin, the esteemed Puerto Rican singer and global heartthrob, recently took a moment to share some intimate details about his personal life during a captivating appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" with host Andy Cohen.

The episode, which aired on Thursday night, saw Martin, aged 52, engaging in a candid conversation that peeled back layers of his private persona, especially focusing on his approach to love and romance. In a playful yet revealing "Pillow Talk" segment, Cohen, the show's charismatic host, prompted Martin to describe himself as a lover using just three adjectives.

Without hesitation, Martin chose "generous, caring, passionate," words that resonated deeply with Cohen and undoubtedly with the audience, highlighting a side of the singer that goes beyond his public persona. Cohen's response, "I love this man!" encapsulated the warmth and genuine appreciation that this revelation fostered.

The discussion took an intriguing turn when Martin responded to a query from two enthusiastic fans. They were curious about his previous admission of having a foot fetish, a topic he had openly discussed in a GQ interview the previous month.

Martin's candidness about receiving an overwhelming number of feet pictures in his direct messages (DMs) since that revelation was both humorous and enlightening. "You have no idea," he expressed, acknowledging the flood of images that now populate his inbox, a mix of admiration and amusement evident in his voice.

"It's like I greenlit everybody. All the time. That's all I get now, and I'm really happy about it," he added, though he noted that some submissions were more peculiar than pleasing.

Martin's Playful Revelations

Cohen's observation that Martin's DMs "must be lit" prompted an affirmative and cheeky acknowledgment from the singer.

Embracing his current status as a single man, Martin seemed to relish the freedom and the attention, embodying a spirit of openness and exploration. Last month's revelation about Martin's foot fetish had already stirred considerable interest among his fan base, especially given his strategic Instagram posts that occasionally feature his own feet.

This, he explained, was a playful nod to his unique preference, a detail that resonates with certain fans who appreciate the beauty in such specifics. "I love feet," Martin declared unabashedly, sharing his enthusiasm for foot massages and his willingness to indulge in this aspect of intimacy for extended periods.

He also emphasized the diversity of attractions and preferences among people, pointing out that everyone has their own specific likes, whether it be feet, armpits, or anything else that might captivate one's interest. Martin's openness about his personal predilections and his invitation to broader conversations about such topics underscored his desire to connect with his audience on a more personal level.

By sharing these details of his life, Martin not only demystifies aspects of celebrity but also champions a message of self-acceptance and the beauty of individual preferences.