Donald Trump Joins RNC Fundraiser for Legal Fee Assistance

Financial Strain Amid Legal Battles for Trump Campaign.

by Nouman Rasool
Donald Trump Joins RNC Fundraiser for Legal Fee Assistance
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A recent media revelation suggests that a fundraising coalition deeply intertwined with Donald Trump's legal affairs could see substantial benefits through a newfound alliance with the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Reports surfaced on Thursday, shedding light on this collaboration poised to assist Trump's financial challenges as he gears up for the forthcoming electoral rematch against Democrat Joe Biden on November 5. Despite securing the Republican presidential nomination earlier this month, Trump finds himself grappling with mounting legal expenses and a reluctance among significant donors to contribute, primarily due to apprehensions surrounding the allocation of funds toward legal matters.

The Trump 47 Committee, in an attempt to address these pressing financial burdens, directs its resources to the Save America leadership group before channeling any proceeds to the RNC, as indicated by an invitation to an upcoming fundraiser scheduled for April 6 in Palm Beach, Florida.

Funding Replenishment Risk

The envisaged collaboration could serve to replenish a fund that has, since the onset of 2023, exhausted over $55 million on legal fees, risking depletion as assistance from another fundraising entity nears its conclusion.

However, it's crucial to note that Save America is legally constrained to accept a maximum of $5,000 from individual donors, thus limiting the potential influx from this strategic partnership with the RNC. Reports suggest that the Trump 47 Committee aims to solicit contributions of up to $814,600 from top-tier donors, with a substantial portion earmarked for Save America before the RNC and various Republican state parties receive their respective shares.

Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, sought to downplay the significance of funds allocated to Save America, emphasizing that the lion's share ultimately benefits the Trump campaign, the RNC, and state GOP parties.

Initial reports on this development emerged via the Associated Press, while Reuters encountered difficulty in procuring the invitation to the fundraiser. Financial disclosures unveiled that Save America escalated its expenditure on legal matters last month, with its primary income stemming from a $5 million refund predominantly sourced from small-scale donors, which it had previously channeled to MAGA Inc., the primary super PAC supporting Trump, in 2022.

However, the return of a substantial portion of these funds by MAGA Inc. suggests potential challenges for Save America in future fundraising endeavors. Meanwhile, Trump's endeavors to secure a bond to offset a $454 million judgment in New York remain unfruitful, thereby exposing the Trump Organization to the risk of asset seizures by the state.

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