Bigi Jackson Challenges Estate Over Grandmother's Legal Fees

Michael Jackson's youngest son embarks on a legal battle.

by Nouman Rasool
Bigi Jackson Challenges Estate Over Grandmother's Legal Fees
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In a recent legal development, Bigi Jackson, the youngest son of pop icon Michael Jackson, has initiated legal action against his grandmother, Katherine Jackson. This legal move comes amidst disputes over the management of the late singer's estate, specifically concerning its financial involvement in ongoing legal battles spearheaded by Katherine Jackson.

Documents reviewed by PEOPLE reveal that 22-year-old Bigi (previously known as Blanket) is challenging the decision to allow Katherine Jackson to allocate funds from Michael Jackson's estate for her legal disputes with the estate's executors, John Branca and John McClain.

The contention revolves around a contentious deal from last year, believed to be a lucrative $600 million catalog sale to Sony, although details of the transaction were not explicitly mentioned in the legal filings. Bigi Jackson's legal stance is that the estate, and by extension its heirs, should not bear the financial burden of Katherine Jackson's appeal against the executors' decision, arguing that the estate does not stand to benefit from the appeal.

This position marks a departure from an earlier unified front with Katherine against the estate’s decision. However, following a court ruling in favor of proceeding with the deal, Bigi and his siblings accepted the outcome, whereas Katherine Jackson opted to appeal, a process still in motion.

Bigi's Legal Stand

In December, Katherine Jackson sought to have her legal expenses, incurred from her opposition to the estate's transaction, covered by the estate itself. Bigi's response, through legal representatives, underscored the impracticality of reversing the court’s decision on appeal and voiced concerns over the fairness of imposing the financial weight of the legal challenge on him and his siblings.

While Bigi Jackson has expressed willingness to cover "reasonable attorney fees and costs" for Katherine Jackson's initial opposition due to her contribution of "essential evidence," he questions the necessity of the extensive legal resources deployed, highlighting the substantial hourly rates charged by the attorneys involved.

As this legal drama unfolds, Bigi Jackson’s actions underscore a complex web of familial and financial dynamics within the Jackson estate, spotlighting the ongoing challenges of managing the legacy of one of pop music’s most legendary figures.

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