Jimmy Kimmel Satirizes Trump as 'Supreme White Supremacist'

Jimmy Kimmel's latest monologue takes a comedic turn.

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Kimmel Satirizes Trump as 'Supreme White Supremacist'
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

During his Wednesday night broadcast, Jimmy Kimmel took aim at former President Donald Trump, humorously commenting on Trump's current financial predicaments and legal entanglements. In his monologue, Kimmel, known for his comedic take on current events, referred to Trump as the "great white supremacist," spotlighting the pressing deadline Trump faces to secure a $464 million bond.

This financial hurdle is a consequence of Trump's defeat in a civil fraud case in New York, with the potential of his properties being auctioned off should he fail to meet the monetary requirement. Trump's legal team recently disclosed the former president's inability to liquidate sufficient assets to cover the bond, which continues to accrue interest.

In response, Trump lamented on Truth Social, characterizing the state's demands as a coerced liquidation of his assets to satisfy the bond.

Kimmel's Satirical Jab

In a light-hearted twist, Kimmel quipped about the possibility of Trump praising Russian President Vladimir Putin in hopes of a financial bailout, humorously envisioning a scenario where Russian financial aid might resolve Trump's financial woes.

Furthermore, Kimmel did not spare Melania Trump, the former First Lady, from his satirical commentary. He speculated about the impact of Trump's financial troubles on Melania, jesting about the potential depletion of assets she might inherit.

Kimmel's history of public spats with Trump added a layer of intrigue to his comments, particularly in light of their recent exchange at this year's Oscars ceremony. Hosting the event, Kimmel directly addressed Trump's critique of his performance, using the platform to further lampoon the former president in a setting filled with entertainment industry figures.

This ongoing tussle between Kimmel and Trump underscores the intersection of politics, entertainment, and media, with Kimmel leveraging his late-night platform to comment on the unfolding drama surrounding one of America's most polarizing figures.

The discourse around Trump's financial and legal challenges continues to captivate public attention, blending the lines between political discourse and entertainment.