Why Victoria Monét Empowers Herself by Learning Studio Engineering?

Victoria Monét shines with major wins at the Grammy Awards.

by Zain ul Abedin
Why Victoria Monét Empowers Herself by Learning Studio Engineering?
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In an exclusive conversation with Blavity earlier this year, Victoria Monét shared an inspiring tale of self-sufficiency and determination that led her to master the art of studio engineering. Monét, an acclaimed artist known for her soulful voice and evocative lyrics, found herself at a crossroads when her studio collaborators grew weary of recording her sessions.

Rather than seeing this as a setback, Monét viewed it as an opportunity to dive deeper into the technical side of music production. "I was compelled to take the reins and learn how to record myself. It's a testament to the drive for independence and the lengths one will go when they're truly passionate about their craft," Monét explained.

This newfound skill not only elevated her autonomy in the studio but also armed her with invaluable knowledge that she believes is crucial for artists, particularly women in an industry often dominated by men. "Being able to navigate studio equipment and understand production nuances empowers female artists in environments where their expertise might be underestimated," she added, highlighting the significance of her achievement.

Monét's Grammy Triumph

Monét's dedication to her artistry and personal growth was further recognized at the Grammy Awards, where she triumphed in the Best New Artist and Best R&B Album categories. Her acceptance speech was a poignant reflection on her journey in the music industry, likening her experience to a plant's growth—from the unseen development beneath the soil to the eventual breakthrough above ground.

"This award is the culmination of a 15-year journey," Monét remarked, acknowledging her perseverance and the fertile environment the music industry can provide for those willing to endure. The success of her hit song "On My Mama" and her first-ever sold-out headlining tour are just the latest achievements in Monét's flourishing career.

Beyond her talents as a vocalist and songwriter, she is a staunch advocate for artists' involvement in all aspects of their music, from production to engineering. "Understanding the intricacies of your vocals and the production process is empowering," Monét advised fellow artists in her interview with Blavity.

Her story is not just about individual triumph but a call to action for artists to embrace the full scope of their creative potential.

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