Conor McGregor Opens Up on Family Life

Exploring the unique intersection of dance and combat sports.

by Nouman Rasool
Conor McGregor Opens Up on Family Life
© Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Conor McGregor, the renowned UFC fighter, shared some heartwarming insights into his family life, revealing a side of him that fans rarely see. The champion fighter, who hails from Ireland, opened up about how his children are taking steps, quite literally, in his footsteps, but not within the confines of the UFC Octagon.

Instead, McGregor's offspring are making waves in the world of dance. Conor McGregor, a father to Conor Jack Jr. (6), Croía Mairéad (5), another Croía Mairéad (2), and the youngest, Mack (3 months), along with his fiancée Dee Devlin, expressed his delight in seeing his eldest children immerse themselves in dance classes.

Speaking from the New York City premiere of the "Road House" film reboot, McGregor shared, "I've dabbled in a bit of riverdancing myself. Indeed, Irish dancing was part of my school curriculum. My kids have taken to it wonderfully.

It’s a magnificent, traditional form of dance, and it’s something we cherish deeply."

Dance Boosts Fight Skills

The 35-year-old fighter also mentioned the unexpected benefits that such dance forms could bring to a fighter, emphasizing agility and lightness on one's feet.

"This is precisely why my son is learning it. It's all about being agile and light-footed," he noted. McGregor has previously demonstrated how his Irish dance training has influenced his MMA techniques, even naming one of his moves in honor of Michael Flatley, a legend in Riverdance.

Moreover, McGregor, who recently made his acting debut in the remake of "Road House," expressed his admiration for the original 1989 film and its star, Patrick Swayze, who was also known for his exceptional dancing skills in "Dirty Dancing." He praised Jake Gyllenhaal, who steps into Swayze's shoes in the new adaptation, for his portrayal of Dalton.

McGregor found inspiration in Gyllenhaal's performance, especially considering the latter's role in "Southpaw," where he played a boxer. "I've learned a great deal from him," McGregor remarked about Gyllenhaal, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to learn from such a talented actor.

The "Road House" remake, featuring McGregor, began streaming on Amazon Prime Video on March 21, marking a new chapter for the fighter, both in his career and his personal life, as he navigates the world of entertainment and shares the cultural heritage of Irish dancing with his children.