Lukas Gage Apologizes to Shania Twain for Wedding Time Mishap

An unexpected twist in a celebrity's personal life unfolds.

by Nouman Rasool
Lukas Gage Apologizes to Shania Twain for Wedding Time Mishap
© Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

In a heartfelt admission on a popular U.S. television show, Lukas Gage, known for his role in the acclaimed series "White Lotus," extended an apology to celebrated Canadian singer Shania Twain. His gesture of remorse comes in the wake of his brief six-month marriage, during which Twain had performed a heartfelt rendition of her 1998 hit, "You're Still the One," at his wedding ceremony.

Gage, reflecting on the dissolution of his marriage, expressed regret for "wasting" the time of the five-time Grammy-winning artist. Gage, whose portrayal of Dillon in "White Lotus" captivated audiences, opened up about his whirlwind romance with renowned hair stylist Chris Appleton on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen." Appleton, whose celebrity clientele boasts names like Kim Kardashian, became Gage's husband after a mere two months of dating.

The wedding, a Las Vegas affair, was graced by Twain's performance, adding a touch of star-studded glamour to the event.

Wedding Wardrobe Whimsy

The actor, also noted for his work in "Euphoria," described his short-lived marriage as "a manic episode," candidly discussing the unconventional choice of wearing fur coats at his wedding.

This peculiar detail caught the attention of host Andy Cohen, leading to a light-hearted exchange about the influence of the Kardashians on his wedding attire. Gage's wedding, which was notably featured on the Kardashians' reality TV show, saw Kim Kardashian playing a special role in officiating the ceremony.

He praised Kardashian for her generosity in hosting and sponsoring the event, highlighting the surreal nature of the celebration. However, reflecting on the choice of Twain's iconic ballad for their wedding, Gage remarked, "That was like the biggest waste of her time," acknowledging the irony of the song's lyrics in the context of his fleeting marriage.

His public apology to Twain underscores a moment of introspection and humility, as he navigates the aftermath of his highly publicized personal life. The news of Gage's divorce from Appleton, filed in November of the previous year citing "irreconcilable differences," adds a poignant chapter to the actor's personal narrative.

Appleton, a British-born stylist with clients including Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry, has yet to respond to Gage's recent comments. This unfolding story, touching on themes of love, regret, and celebrity culture, continues to captivate the public and media alike.