Joshua Jackson Sets Sail with Ryan Murphy's 'Dr. Odyssey'

Renowned actor Joshua Jackson's latest television venture unveiled

by Zain ul Abedin
Joshua Jackson Sets Sail with Ryan Murphy's 'Dr. Odyssey'
© Kayla Oaddams/Getty Images

In a notable return to network television, Joshua Jackson, aged 45, has recently inked a deal with ABC for a new series helmed by renowned producer Ryan Murphy, titled "Dr. Odyssey." This marks Jackson's resurgence to primetime TV after over a decade since his memorable portrayal of Peter Bishop in Fox's hit series "Fringe," which concluded in 2013.

While details surrounding the plot of "Dr. Odyssey" remain shrouded in secrecy, Jackson is set to take on the role of the charismatic titular character in what is reported to be set aboard a cruise ship. Notably, no other cast members have been disclosed as of yet.

Joining forces with Jackson in the executive producer capacity are Jon Robin Baitz and Joe Baken, both seasoned collaborators with Murphy. Together, they have lent their talents to various projects including "American Horror Stories" and "Feud: Capote Vs.

The Swans." Additionally, the trio is currently in the development phase for a new legal drama starring Kim Kardashian, slated for Hulu. Despite his hiatus from network television, Jackson isn't a stranger to medical dramas.

In 2021, he portrayed neurosurgeon Dr. Christopher Duntsch in the Peacock limited docudrama "Dr. Death," based on the chilling true story chronicled in the 2018 Wondery podcast. Reflecting on the experience, Jackson expressed the emotional toll the role took on him, underscoring its intense nature.

Jackson's Exciting TV Comeback

Looking ahead, Jackson hinted at exploring diverse roles, expressing relief at the prospect of portraying characters less psychologically taxing than Christopher Duntsch. With a diverse repertoire including acclaimed series like "Little Fires Everywhere," "The Affair," and cult classic "Dawson's Creek," Jackson's return to network television is eagerly anticipated by fans and industry insiders alike.

His forthcoming venture into "Dr. Odyssey" promises to captivate audiences anew, as Jackson embarks on a fresh chapter in his illustrious television career. With his proven talent and Murphy's creative prowess behind the scenes, the series holds the potential to be a compelling addition to the network's lineup, marking a triumphant return for Joshua Jackson to the small screen.