Justin Timberlake Preps for Global Shows: Targets Optimal Fitness

Balancing Stardom with Family Life and Future Aspirations

by Zain ul Abedin
Justin Timberlake Preps for Global Shows: Targets Optimal Fitness
© Manny Carabel/Getty Images for Audacys Leading Ladies 2024

Grammy Award-winning artist Meghan Trainor is all set to dazzle her fans as she embarks on her first headline tour in nearly a decade. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE at the Audacy’s Leading Ladies event, sponsored by Olay Body, at the iconic Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, Trainor shared her enthusiasm and preparations for her highly anticipated tour.

The tour, titled "The Timeless Tour," coincides with the release of her latest single featuring T-Pain and marks a significant comeback with her fresh album after a seven-year hiatus. Feeling more energized and fit than ever, the "All About That Bass" singer expressed her dedication to rigorous training and a clean eating regimen to ensure she delivers top-notch performances.

"I'm training for the Olympics, okay?" Trainor joked about her intensive preparation routine, emphasizing her desire to sing and dance without feeling exhausted.

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Meghan, who married actor Daryl Sabara in December 2018, is also a loving mother to sons Riley, 3, and Barry, born in July 2023.

She humorously informed her family of her commitment to getting tour-ready, reflecting on her determination to balance her professional and personal life seamlessly. An interesting twist to Trainor's musical journey is the release date of her upcoming album "Timeless," coinciding with Sabara's birthday on June 14, which she cheekily refers to as a "gift" to him.

Despite her busy schedule, the singer ensures her husband feels celebrated and supported, highlighting the couple's tight-knit relationship and mutual understanding. In addition to her professional endeavors, Trainor openly shared her aspirations for expanding their family, hinting at the possibility of having two more children.

This desire for a larger family has been a consistent theme in Trainor's life, as she previously expressed her hopes of being pregnant in 2023 to further fulfill her dream of having four children. The conversation also touched on personal moments of self-acceptance and joy.

Trainor finds her greatest comfort in performing her songs, which she describes as "the most self-love, pop bangers ever on one album." On the other hand, Sabara cherishes the quiet moments at night after their children are asleep, enjoying the couple's time together.

"The Timeless Tour," set to kick off on September 4, promises an electrifying mix of hits and new tracks, featuring special guests Natasha Bedingfield, Paul Russell, Chris Olsen, and Ryan Trainor, Meghan's younger brother.

Trainor teases a dynamic show that celebrates her entire musical catalog, assuring fans of an unforgettable experience as she returns to the stage with renewed vigor and a heart full of songs.

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