Kathy Griffin Enlists PI in Search for Estranged Husband

Renowned comedian Kathy Griffin faces divorce complexities amidst separation

by Zain ul Abedin
Kathy Griffin Enlists PI in Search for Estranged Husband
© Monica Schipper/Getty Images

In a recent development concerning the divorce proceedings of renowned comedian Kathy Griffin, it has come to light that her attempts to serve divorce papers to her estranged husband, Randy Bick, have hit a roadblock due to his undisclosed whereabouts.

Court documents obtained reveal Griffin's frustration as she navigates the challenge of locating Bick, who has reportedly been out of contact since vacating their shared residence at Griffin's request. Despite engaging the services of a private investigator, Griffin's efforts to locate Bick have thus far proven unsuccessful.

With her options dwindling, Griffin is now contemplating seeking a default judgment against Bick. This legal maneuver would allow the divorce proceedings to move forward in his absence. Griffin initiated divorce proceedings in December, just four years after tying the knot with Bick.

Citing "irreconcilable differences," Griffin listed the date of separation as December 22, 2023, and requested the termination of spousal support for both parties, in addition to enforcing a prenuptial agreement established in 2019.

The couple's relationship, which began in 2011, had seen its share of ups and downs, including a brief split in 2018 before reconciling and eventually marrying in January 2020. Their wedding, officiated by Lily Tomlin, featured a unique touch with Griffin opting not to exchange traditional rings.

Griffin's Valentine's Day Revelations

Following news of her divorce, Griffin didn't shy away from expressing her feelings, particularly on Valentine's Day. Taking to social media, she shared a candid message expressing her sentiments towards the holiday of love, coupled with a declaration of her upcoming tour.

In an unconventional move, Griffin also shared photos of herself clad in a white lace bra, exuding a carefree attitude towards Valentine's Day festivities. Griffin's candidness and resilience amidst her personal challenges continue to resonate with her fans, as she navigates the complexities of divorce with her characteristic wit and humor. As the legal proceedings unfold, fans await further updates on Griffin's journey towards closure and new beginnings.