Richard Simmons Announces Skin Cancer Diagnosis Following 'I'm Dying' Message

Fitness Icon Undergoes Harrowing Skin Cancer Treatment Procedure.

by Nouman Rasool
Richard Simmons Announces Skin Cancer Diagnosis Following 'I'm Dying' Message
© David McNew/Getty Images

On Monday, renowned fitness guru Richard Simmons issued an apology to his followers for alarming them with a previous statement suggesting he was nearing the end of his life. Following this, he disclosed on Tuesday that he had been diagnosed with a treatable form of skin cancer, aiming to provide clarity and reassurance to his concerned fan base.

Simmons recounted the sequence of events that led to his diagnosis, beginning with the discovery of a persistent blemish beneath his eye. Concerned, Simmons sought the expertise of a dermatologist, who performed a biopsy on the suspicious spot.

"When he returned, he mentioned the 'C word' – cancer," Simmons shared in an emotional recount of his visit. The diagnosis was basal cell carcinoma, a common but highly treatable skin cancer, often resulting from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Basal cell carcinoma is known for its high cure rate, typically involving the surgical removal of cancerous cells without significant risk of spreading to other parts of the body. Simmons humorously recounted his initial reaction to the diagnosis, attempting to lighten the gravity of the situation with a touch of humor.

Electrosurgery Without Anesthetic

Following the diagnosis, Simmons was referred to Dr. Ralph A. Massey, a specialist who recommended a procedure known as electrosurgery. This technique involves using electricity to remove cancerous cells.

"The procedure was without anesthetic, and as the doctor worked, a single tear rolled down my cheek – a testament to the physical and emotional pain involved," Simmons described, highlighting the intensity of the treatment.

Despite the challenges, Simmons underwent a second, more intensive procedure to ensure all cancerous cells were eradicated, describing this experience as significantly more painful. Simmons concluded his post with a cliffhanger, leaving his audience in suspense regarding the outcome and his current health status.

This announcement came just a day after Simmons mystified and concerned fans with vague remarks about his mortality, which he later clarified were intended to encourage a deeper appreciation for life, apologizing for any distress caused.