Christian Schwochow Helms 'Nuremberg,' Written by Frank Spotnitz

Renowned talents unite for a historic drama series project.

by Nouman Rasool
Christian Schwochow Helms 'Nuremberg,' Written by Frank Spotnitz
© Clemens Bilan/Getty Images

In an ambitious collaboration between Constantin Film and Big Light Productions, the directorial baton for the eagerly awaited drama series "Nuremberg" has been handed to Christian Schwochow. Schwochow, renowned for his work on "The Crown," "Munich: The Edge of War," and "Bad Banks," is set to bring his cinematic expertise to a series that delves deep into the aftermath of World War II, focusing on the landmark Nuremberg Trials.

The series is poised to be penned by Frank Spotnitz, celebrated for his narrative contributions to "The Man in the High Castle," "Ransom," and "Leonardo." "Nuremberg" aims to narrate the compelling journey of young World War II survivors who join forces with the Allied prosecutors to bring Nazi war criminals to justice.

However, their pursuit of justice is fraught with challenges as they uncover clandestine efforts to forge a new world order, prioritizing power over principles.

Nuremberg: Justice Reimagined

Director Christian Schwochow expressed his profound commitment to the project, highlighting the historical significance of the Nuremberg Trials as a watershed moment that redefined global accountability and justice.

He emphasized the timeless relevance of the story and the weight of responsibility he feels in bringing it to the screen. Frank Spotnitz lauded Schwochow's exceptional directorial skills and storytelling prowess, expressing excitement over his involvement in the series.

Spotnitz underscored the groundbreaking nature of the Nuremberg Trials in prosecuting war crimes and the narrative's exploration of a younger generation's efforts to rebuild and make sense of a shattered world. The series will also benefit from the executive production expertise of Constantin chief Oliver Berben, Spotnitz, Friederich Oetker, and Schwochow himself.

Oetker, known for his work on "The Conference" and "Dear Child," praised Schwochow's deep understanding and clear vision for the series. Schwochow's recent projects include directing episodes of "The Crown," which earned Elizabeth Debicki an Emmy nomination, and feature films like "Je Suis Karl" and "Munich: The Edge of War," starring Jeremy Irons, Sandra Hüller, and George MacKay.

"Nuremberg" is poised to be a defining series that blends historical depth with dramatic storytelling, capturing the essence of an era grappling with the aftermath of war and the quest for justice.