Trump Sues Stephanopoulos, ABC Over GOP Interview

Clash of convictions ignites fresh controversy in political realm.

by Nouman Rasool
Trump Sues Stephanopoulos, ABC Over GOP Interview
© Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In a recent legal move that has caught the attention of the media world, former President Donald Trump has initiated a lawsuit against ABC News and its anchor George Stephanopoulos. This legal action stems from allegations made against Trump regarding se---- assault, specifically an accusation by writer E.

Jean Carroll. The lawsuit marks another chapter in Trump's ongoing legal battles with the media. During a segment on ABC's "This Week" earlier this month, Stephanopoulos engaged U.S. Representative Nancy Mace, a Republican from South Carolina, in a pointed discussion.

The conversation revolved around Mace's endorsement of Trump for president, juxtaposed against the backdrop of judicial findings where Trump was found liable for rape and defamation related to Carroll's accusations.

Politics vs.

Personal Trauma

Stephanopoulos questioned how Mace could reconcile her support for Trump with her own personal history as a survivor of se---- assault. Mace defended her political stance, highlighting the civil nature of the trial against Trump and addressing the emotional challenges she faces as a survivor of assault, critiquing the attempt to shame her political decisions.

It's important to note that in one of the two defamation cases brought by Carroll, a jury did find Trump liable for "se---- abuse," though it stopped short of affirming the "rape" allegation. Furthermore, a judge dismissed a countersuit from Trump, stating that the evidence and jury findings supported "the substantial truth" behind Carroll's rape claim.

This legal entanglement is part of a series of lawsuits Trump has filed against various media entities, many of which have not proceeded to significant outcomes. In a notable instance, Trump was ordered to cover more than $392,000 in legal fees for The New York Times following a lawsuit deemed frivolous by the presiding judge.

As Trump faces nearly $90 million in damages from the Carroll trials, which focus on his public responses to her allegations, this latest lawsuit against ABC News and Stephanopoulos underscores the former president's contentious relationship with the press.

This ongoing saga not only highlights the legal challenges faced by Trump but also raises questions about the intersection of politics, personal conduct, and media accountability.