Whoopi Goldberg's Weight Loss Revelation: Mounjaro at 300 lbs.

Celebrity Actresses Goldberg and Winfrey Open Up About Weight.

by Zain ul Abedin
Whoopi Goldberg's Weight Loss Revelation: Mounjaro at 300 lbs.
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Renowned actress and EGOT winner Whoopi Goldberg has opened up about her weight loss journey, revealing her use of prescription medication to combat obesity. The revelation came during a discussion on ABC's "The View," where Goldberg shared her personal experience with taking medication to address her weight.

Goldberg, known for her roles in iconic films like "The Color Purple," disclosed that she turned to medication after filming "Till," a biographical drama about Mamie Till-Bradley. Weighing nearly 300 lbs. at the time, Goldberg also faced health complications, including pneumonia and sepsis, which prompted her to explore pharmaceutical options for weight management.

Reflecting on her decision to use medication, Goldberg expressed how she initially didn't realize the extent of her weight gain until she saw herself in the mirror. Despite feeling like herself, the stark reality prompted her to take action.

She credited the medication, referred to as Mounjaro, for aiding in her weight loss journey. Goldberg's candid revelation echoes similar sentiments shared by her former "Color Purple" co-star, Oprah Winfrey, who has also been transparent about her struggles with weight.

Winfrey, in a televised ABC special titled "Shame, Blame and the Weight Loss Revolution," discussed her own journey with obesity and the societal pressures she faced.

Weight Stigma Dialogues

Both Goldberg and Winfrey emphasized the importance of destigmatizing discussions around weight and urged viewers to show kindness to themselves and others.

They highlighted the complexity of obesity, noting that it's not simply a matter of willpower but involves physiological factors as well. Their candid discussions shed light on the pervasive issue of weight stigma and the need for compassion and understanding in conversations surrounding weight management.

Goldberg's remarks on "The View" and Winfrey's special serve as important reminders of the multifaceted nature of obesity and the significance of addressing it with empathy and support. "The View," airing on weekdays, continues to provide a platform for open dialogue on pressing issues like weight management and health.

Meanwhile, Winfrey's special is available for streaming on Hulu, offering valuable insights into the challenges individuals face in their journey toward a healthier lifestyle.