Jimmy Kimmel to Produce Hulu's New Cannabis-Themed Show

Jimmy Kimmel ventures into cannabis culture with new series.

by Nouman Rasool
Jimmy Kimmel to Produce Hulu's New Cannabis-Themed Show
© Richard Harbaugh/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images

In a move timed perfectly with the cultural celebration of April 20, Hulu is set to launch "High Hopes," a captivating docuseries produced by Jimmy Kimmel. This six-episode series takes viewers inside the operations of a Los Angeles-based cannabis dispensary run by two Belarus-born brothers, Slava and Mishka, alongside their eclectic team.

As one of Hollywood's pioneering cannabis shops, MMD has become a haven not only for a diverse clientele seeking quality marijuana but also for its original employees who embody the spirit of hard work and dedication to the cannabis culture.

"High Hopes" promises an intimate look into the daily endeavors of managing a thriving marijuana business. Viewers will be treated to an insider’s perspective on the challenges and victories that come with aspiring to elevate their establishment to national prominence.

The narrative arc of the series culminates in the lead-up to April 20 — the most significant day in the cannabis community — as the team endeavors to launch a premium cannabis line. The series explores whether their dreams will materialize or dissipate like smoke.

High Hopes Premiere

As per Hollywood Reporter, scheduled for a premiere on April 20 and geared towards mature audiences with a TV-MA rating, the series boasts Jimmy Kimmel’s Kimmelot banner as an executive producer, in collaboration with ITV America.

The executive production team also includes Scott Lonker, Ben Steinbauer, Tim Cohen-Laurie, and Karl Hollandt, with Steinbauer taking on the role of showrunner. ITV America, renowned for its production of hit unscripted series like Netflix’s "Queer Eye" and ABC’s "The Chase," adds "High Hopes" to its impressive portfolio.

This series launch comes in the wake of California's historic legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, a legislative trend that has seen widespread adoption across the United States, albeit with a few exceptions.

"High Hopes" not only highlights the burgeoning cannabis industry but also delves into the personal stories of those who run the dispensaries, offering a unique blend of business and culture reflective of the current societal embrace of cannabis.