Trump's Fury at Kimmel: Silence Was All He Needed

Trump revels in the fallout of his latest tirade.

by Zain ul Abedin
Trump's Fury at Kimmel: Silence Was All He Needed
© Scott Olson/Getty Images

In a recent outburst that caught the attention of viewers nationwide, former President Donald Trump unleashed a series of critical remarks against late-night host Jimmy Kimmel. This latest episode unfolded during an interview with Howard Kurtz on Fox News, where Trump expressed his displeasure with Kimmel's ongoing jibes, particularly those made during the Oscars earlier this month.

Trump didn't hold back in his criticism, stating, "Jimmy Kimmel is, every night, he hits me I guess, his ratings are terrible. He’s not a talented guy. I hear he hits me all the time so I figured I’d hit him because I thought he was a lousy host." The former president's ire was sparked anew by a post he shared on his Truth Social website amidst the Oscars broadcast, which Kimmel subsequently read aloud on air, humorously questioning if it was "past your jail time?"

Trump Claims Victory

Throughout the interview, Trump appeared to take some twisted satisfaction from the incident, suggesting that Kimmel's decision to address his post on live television — and the viral reaction that followed — somehow represented a win for him.

"He ends up reading my Truth," Trump remarked, adding, "This guy’s even dumber than I thought." The interaction between Trump and Kimmel during the Oscars didn't just capture the audience's attention; it also stirred reactions within the industry.

Oscars producer Molly McNearney, who is also Kimmel's spouse, revealed that she had initially advised against responding to Trump's provocations. However, in light of the overwhelming response, she later conceded, acknowledging her misjudgment of the situation.

Trump's contentious relationship with the media, especially the late-night television sector, is no secret. Over the years, he has vocally condemned hosts like Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and programs such as "Saturday Night Live" for their satirical takes on his presidency and political career.

His attempts to retaliate against such critiques extended to demands for punitive actions against networks and shows that lampooned him, highlighting a tense intersection between politics and entertainment. Notably, reports last year from Rolling Stone revealed Trump's efforts to have Disney, ABC's parent company and broadcaster of Kimmel's show, reprimand the host, illustrating the lengths to which he would go to silence his critics.