Mike Pence Criticizes Trump for Abandoning Constitution, Withholds Endorsement

Former VP Opens Up on Political Ideals, Critiques Trump

by Nouman Rasool
Mike Pence Criticizes Trump for Abandoning Constitution, Withholds Endorsement
© Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In a candid interview on CBS' "Face the Nation" this past Sunday, former Vice President Mike Pence leveled serious accusations against his one-time running mate, Donald Trump. Amidst a climate of political tension and speculation, Pence articulated a clear and unequivocal refusal to endorse Trump, the Republican party's leading figure, for future leadership roles.

This declaration comes in the wake of profound ideological divergences that have emerged between the two, particularly highlighted by the harrowing events of January 6, 2021. Pence, in his discussion with CBS' Margaret Brennan, emphasized that his reservations about Trump extend far beyond their public fallout following the Capitol riot.

He pointed to a broader issue, a departure from constitutional fidelity, as a cornerstone of his concern. "The issue of fealty to the Constitution is not a small matter," Pence remarked, underscoring the gravity of what he perceives as Trump's deviation from foundational American principles.

Pence's Broad Critique

Moreover, Pence's critique of Trump isn't confined to constitutional issues alone. He expressed disappointment over Trump's apparent abandonment of core conservative values, including fiscal responsibility, the sanctity of life, and a staunch stance on American global leadership.

These areas, according to Pence, signify Trump's broader departure from the conservative ethos that has traditionally underpinned the Republican party's platform. Pence also took this opportunity to voice his support for a unified Republican stance on key issues, notably a 15-week national abortion ban.

Additionally, he criticized Trump's fluctuating stance on technology and national security concerns, particularly the controversy surrounding TikTok, illustrating a perceived inconsistency in Trump's policy positions. The tension between Pence and Trump was further illuminated when Pence addressed Trump's characterization of Capitol riot defendants as "hostages." Pence rebuked this comparison, especially inappropriate, he argued, given the real plight of Americans currently held captive abroad.

This rift culminates in Pence's unequivocal statement last week, where he announced his refusal to endorse Trump for the upcoming electoral cycle, citing a departure from conservative principles. This stance marks a significant departure from the unity once displayed by the Trump-Pence ticket, signaling a deep ideological divide within the Republican party as it navigates its future direction and leadership.