Don Lemon's CNN Fallout, Musk Feud, & New Show Guests

Journalist Don Lemon navigates controversy and new beginnings

by Zain ul Abedin
Don Lemon's CNN Fallout, Musk Feud, & New Show Guests
© Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images

In a bustling scene behind his Zoom window, Don Lemon, the esteemed journalist, reveals a glimpse into his personal life during our virtual rendezvous. Amidst the painters, stairway traffic, and the excitement of acquiring a marriage license with his long-time partner, Tim Malone, Lemon radiates with joy.

This momentous occasion coincides with his imminent return to the airwaves with "The Don Lemon Show," set to debut on Monday at 7 am ET. However, Lemon’s journey back to the spotlight isn’t without its share of drama.

His inaugural episode features none other than Elon Musk, Lemon's first guest and newly-acquired business partner, despite a recent rift between them. Lemon had struck a deal with Musk's platform X (formerly Twitter) to stream exclusive content from his show, but tensions arose leading to the dissolution of their partnership.

Despite this setback, Lemon remains resolute in his commitment to deliver compelling journalism to his audience. Reflecting on his tumultuous departure from CNN following controversial remarks made on-air regarding Nikki Haley, Lemon maintains that he has moved on from the incident.

He expresses a desire not to dwell on the past, focusing instead on his future endeavors. Lemon's return to the newsroom is met with a warm reception from former colleagues, underscoring the impact he has made throughout his career.

As a trailblazer in the industry, Lemon has consistently shattered barriers, particularly as one of the most prominent gay Black journalists in mainstream media. With "The Don Lemon Show," he seeks to continue pushing boundaries by addressing pressing issues and fostering genuine conversations without the constraints of traditional broadcast television.

Despite differences in ideology, Lemon defends his decision to collaborate with Musk, citing the opportunity to reach a broader audience. However, their partnership proves short-lived as Lemon announces its termination, hinting at the complexities of working with a figure as polarizing as Musk.

Looking ahead, Lemon teases upcoming guests on his show, including the Ambassador to the United Nations and actress Sheryl Lee Ralph. While former guest invitations extend to Nikki Haley, Lemon remains open to dialogue, expressing a desire to clarify his previous remarks.

In anticipation of Monday's premiere, Lemon's journey back to the forefront of journalism promises to captivate audiences with his trademark blend of insight and candor.