Faux YouTubers Trick Tucker Carlson with Edited Kate Middleton Photo

Pranksters engineer elaborate deception, ensnaring high-profile TV personality.

by Nouman Rasool
Faux YouTubers Trick Tucker Carlson with Edited Kate Middleton Photo
© Ian Maule/Getty Images

In a cunning ruse, pranksters, presenting themselves as disgraced former employees of Kensington Palace, successfully tricked prominent conservative commentator Tucker Carlson into believing their fabricated tale about being dismissed due to a mishap involving an edited photo of Kate Middleton. Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, the duo behind the elaborate hoax, initially launched their fictitious narrative through a video on X, captivating over a million viewers with their claim of being fired for inadequately managing a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge.

The plot thickened when Manners was subsequently invited to discuss his fabricated experiences on the Tucker Carlson Network (TCN) in a London studio. Following the interview, in which Manners spun their concocted story, Carlson expressed genuine intrigue and appreciation for what he believed was a credible insider account.

"That was great, and really interesting too. I didn't expect to be as interested in it as I was because you told a really great story,” Carlson remarked.

Hoaxers' Royal Ruse

The pranksters, known for their channel 'Josh & Archie' which is notorious for celebrity-related hoaxes, revealed to Deadline that they enticed Carlson by framing their story as an exclusive scoop, allegedly too controversial for the UK's mainstream media to handle.

To lend credibility to their guise, they even crafted a bogus employment contract adorned with a Kensington Palace crest and a Latin motto, "Every Little Helps." The document absurdly included a clause allowing for the "amputation of a limb" should Manners fail a probationary period.

In their approach to TCN, Pieters and Manners adopted the persona of "George," a palace worker supposedly being scapegoated and on the verge of dismissal amid the photo editing scandal. "I am all too aware of the Royal Family's ability to throw people like me under the bus in order to protect their reputation," they professed in their pitch to the network.

Manners disclosed to Deadline that TCN had planned to broadcast the interview the following week. However, the pair decided to unveil their hoax prematurely to prevent the spread of unfounded rumors to TCN's substantial following on X.

“We didn’t want to cause any more rumors, that are not true, to go out to lots and lots of people,” Manners stated, emphasizing their intent to preemptively quash potential misinformation without appearing overly sanctimonious in their reveal.

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