Joe Biden-Harris Campaign Reports Record $53M February Fundraising

Financial boost showcases voter engagement ahead of FEC filing.

by Zain ul Abedin
Joe Biden-Harris Campaign Reports Record $53M February Fundraising
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In an impressive display of financial momentum, the Biden-Harris campaign has announced a groundbreaking fundraising achievement for February 2024, amassing over $53 million, marking their most lucrative month since the reelection effort kicked off in April 2023.

This surge in support has bolstered their war chest to an unparalleled $155 million in cash on hand, setting a new record for any Democratic contender at this juncture in an election cycle. The campaign's total haul has soared past $331 million since its inception last spring, reflecting a broad-based financial backbone that encompasses not only direct campaign contributions but also funds raised through the Democratic National Committee and various joint fundraising efforts.

This financial milestone underscores the campaign's robust and expansive fundraising operation, which has been meticulously assembled to communicate effectively with voters about the critical importance of the upcoming election.

According to Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign manager, the resources amassed will be strategically deployed to broaden the campaign's reach across key states, enhance paid media efforts, and support extensive national tours by campaign principals.

"We're proud of the record-breaking fundraising machine we've built that is poised to inform voters about the high stakes of this election. And we're just getting started," Rodriguez stated, emphasizing the campaign's commitment to making every voter aware of what's at stake in November.

Surge in Grassroots Funding

The announcement arrives just before the February campaign finance reports are due to be filed with the Federal Election Commission, adding another layer of anticipation to the political landscape.

Notably, this financial uptick was further fueled by a significant spike in grassroots donations, which surged by $1.6 million in the 48 hours following former President Donald Trump's primary win in South Carolina on February 24.

This suggests a galvanized base, ready to mobilize in response to political developments. Furthermore, the campaign has pointed out that these figures do not include the fundraising boost anticipated from President Biden's State of the Union address delivered on March 7.

With both President Biden and former President Trump securing their respective party's nominations last week, the stage is set for a highly anticipated rematch, with the Biden-Harris campaign's historic fundraising achievements signaling a formidable readiness for the electoral battle ahead.

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