Simon Rimmer Unveils On-Air Spats with Tim Lovejoy

Insight into the dynamic duo's off-screen tensions revealed.

by Nouman Rasool
Simon Rimmer Unveils On-Air Spats with Tim Lovejoy
© John Phillips/Getty Images

In a candid revelation on a recent podcast, Simon Rimmer, the celebrated chef and host of "Sunday Brunch," shared insights into his working relationship with co-host Tim Lovejoy, highlighting the occasional tensions that arise behind the scenes.

Despite their strong on-screen camaraderie, Rimmer admitted that their partnership has experienced its fair share of ups and downs over the years. During his appearance on The Hairy Bikers' "Heart and Sole" podcast in 2021, the 60-year-old restaurateur, who launched his culinary venture with the opening of his first restaurant in 1990, was open about the dynamic between him and Lovejoy.

"Yeah, of course, you do," Rimmer responded when asked if they ever had disagreements, emphasizing the importance of not taking each other too seriously while being committed to their work. "We don’t take each other seriously, but we take what we do seriously.

I always think that’s a nice way to be as a human being," he shared.

Behind the Scenes Revelations

Rimmer reminisced about memorable moments of friction, often stemming from Lovejoy's penchant for sharing personal anecdotes on air, sometimes to Rimmer's chagrin.

"Sometimes he might say something live, and I’ll think, I really didn’t want my family to know that," Rimmer explained, indicating that their disagreements were typically minor. The conversation took a poignant turn when Rimmer recalled the initial meeting with Lovejoy, highlighting their immediate connection despite Lovejoy not being the first choice for the role; that honor initially went to Andi Peters.

After Peters' move to ITV left the show in need of a presenter, Lovejoy stepped in, forging an instant bond with Rimmer. "When I first met Tim, we hit it off on day one. You meet people and think, I like them. We hit it off," Rimmer recounted.

The podcast also paid tribute to the late Dave Myers, a beloved figure in the culinary world, whose recent passing cast a shadow over the industry. In an emotional homage, viewers were reminded of Myers' optimism and the legacy he leaves behind, as the "Hairy Bikers Go West" show aired a statement in his memory, marking the end of an era for fans and colleagues alike: "In loving memory of our friend, Dave Myers. 1957 - 2024."