Bigi Jackson Spotted: A Grown-Up Look in Rare L.A. Appearance

Exploring the quiet journey of Michael's youngest, Bigi.

by Nouman Rasool
Bigi Jackson Spotted: A Grown-Up Look in Rare L.A. Appearance
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Michael Jackson's youngest son, Bigi Jackson, was seen making his way through the bustling streets of Los Angeles this Thursday. At 22 years old, Bigi is carving out his own path while honoring the immense legacy left by his father.

Dressed in a laid-back ensemble featuring a Star Wars Darth Vader T-shirt paired with black striped shorts and sleek sneakers, Bigi's appearance in LA marks one of the few times he has been publicly spotted. This outing comes on the heels of a significant period for Bigi, who recently celebrated his birthday and achieved a milestone in his budding film career with the premiere of his short film, "Rochelles," at the Santa Monica Film Festival.

The celebration of Bigi's talents and achievements extended into the digital realm, with his older brother, Prince Jackson, showcasing his admiration and support on Instagram. Prince shared a nostalgic photo of a young Bigi, alongside a more recent snapshot of the brothers at the film festival, where Bigi received the award for best drama.

"Bro is killing it! Chasing his dreams and winning awards," Prince captioned the photo, expressing his pride and joy for his brother's accomplishments.

Bigi's Evolving Legacy

Bigi, who once went by the nickname Blanket, is noted for maintaining a low profile compared to his siblings, Prince and Paris Jackson.

However, his rare public appearances, such as the recent one in LA and another at a Las Vegas event commemorating what would have been Michael Jackson's 65th birthday, draw significant attention and highlight his evolving role within the Jackson legacy.

In his journey to find his voice, Bigi has not shied away from addressing meaningful issues. In a rare on-camera interview with Good Morning Britain in 2021, he shared insights into his passion for climate change awareness, a cause close to his father's heart.

Bigi's dedication to creating impactful work and his efforts to promote environmental consciousness reflect a deep commitment to contributing positively to the world, mirroring the aspirations of his iconic father. As Bigi Jackson steps further into the public eye, his actions and creative endeavors continue to foster a connection with the legacy of Michael Jackson, while simultaneously paving a unique path forward that resonates with both longstanding fans of the Jackson family and a new generation of admirers.