Squid Game Star Actor O Yeong-Su Faces Conviction

Drama unfolds for famed actor amid serious allegations.

by Nouman Rasool
Squid Game Star Actor O Yeong-Su Faces Conviction
© Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images

In a recent turn of events that has stirred the entertainment industry, acclaimed 'Squid Game' actor O Yeong-Su has been found guilty of Physical misconduct. This verdict comes after allegations surfaced that he forcibly hugged and kissed a woman on the cheek without her consent.

The incident, dating back to 2017, has concluded with the Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Court handing down a sentence of up to eight months in prison, which will be suspended for a two-year period, as per reports from Deadline citing Korean news sources.

O Yeong-Su, at the age of 79, faced these charges in 2022, vehemently denying any wrongdoing. Following the court's decision, he was seen addressing the media, where he disclosed his intentions to appeal against the judgment.

The court's ruling also mandates that O participates in a 40-hour program designed for Physical offenders. In his defense, O Yeong-Su recounted how the incident involved him merely holding the woman's hand to guide her around a lake, asserting that his apology was misconstrued as an admission of guilt.

He stated, "I apologized because (the person) said she wouldn't make a fuss about it, but it doesn't mean that I admit the charges."

O Yeong-Su's Legal Battle

Having spent over five decades in the entertainment industry, O Yeong-Su's career reached new heights with his role in the global phenomenon 'Squid Game'

The Netflix series, renowned for its grim portrayal of desperate individuals entangled in lethal renditions of childhood games for a chance at life-changing wealth, catapulted him to international fame. This conviction casts a shadow over the celebrated actor's illustrious career, reminding the industry and audiences alike of the importance of accountability, regardless of one's status or achievements.

As the case unfolds, with an appeal on the horizon, the entertainment community and fans worldwide are keenly watching how this legal drama will affect the veteran actor's legacy and the broader conversation around conduct in the entertainment sector.