Alwyn's Musical Legacy: Profits Post-Swift Split

Former flames' artistic collaboration yields ongoing financial rewards.

by Zain ul Abedin
Alwyn's Musical Legacy: Profits Post-Swift Split
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In the world of music, partnerships often yield both creative and financial success. Such is the case with an actor who, despite his split with pop sensation Taylor Swift, continues to reap the financial rewards of their collaboration.

During their relationship, which spanned several years, Alwyn, 33, co-wrote six songs under the pseudonym William Bowery. These tracks, including hits like "Exile" and "Betty" from Swift's albums "Folklore" and "Evermore," have been well-received by fans and critics alike.

Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift© Christopher Polk/NBC/Getty Images

Reports indicate that Alwyn stands to make a substantial income from his writing credits, earning a five-figure sum annually. Analysis shows that he has already earned approximately $2.3 million from Spotify streams alone, with additional revenue expected from streaming platforms and live performances featuring their collaborative work.

Swift's Eras Tour, which grossed an impressive $1 billion, further contributes to Alwyn's financial gains, albeit on a smaller scale. An industry source suggests that Alwyn's royalties and returns from the tour ensure financial security for the actor.

Continuing Collaborative Influence

Despite their breakup in April 2023, Alwyn's contributions to Swift's discography continue to pay dividends. Swift herself has acknowledged his role in their creative process, revealing that Alwyn wrote the entire piano part for "Exile" and played a significant role in crafting other tracks.

The revelation of Alwyn's involvement, initially masked by the pseudonym "William Bowery," sparked intrigue among fans. Swift later confirmed Alwyn's contribution, praising his musical talents and their collaborative efforts during quarantine.

While the end of their romantic relationship may have signaled a personal shift for both artists, their professional collaboration remains a testament to their creative synergy. Swift's acknowledgment of Alwyn's influence, including a rare shout-out during her Grammy acceptance speech, underscores the significance of their partnership in her musical journey.

As Swift moves forward with her personal life, Alwyn's ongoing financial success from their collaboration serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of creative partnerships in the music industry.