Blake Lively Playfully Mocks Kate Middleton's Photo Mishap

Blake Lively's latest Instagram post stirs playful controversy.

by Zain ul Abedin
Blake Lively Playfully Mocks Kate Middleton's Photo Mishap
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In the midst of Kate Middleton's recent retreat from the public eye, Blake Lively has humorously thrown a spotlight on the Princess of Wales' recent photo-editing controversy. Taking to Instagram, Lively shared a post that seemed to playfully critique the recent scrutiny over Middleton's photographic presentation.

The Gossip Girl alum shared a conspicuously edited image of herself, humorously suggesting that she too has been "missing in action." The photo, which featured Lively's head on a visibly altered body by a pool, holding one of her Betty Buzz beverages, was captioned with a tongue-in-cheek nod to the recent debate surrounding Middleton's whereabouts.

Lively's post, dated March 15, cleverly remarked, "I'm so excited to share this new photo I just took today," alongside, "Now you know why I've been MIA." This lighthearted jab comes in the wake of controversy that surrounded the Princess of Wales after a Mother's Day photo shared in the U.K.

on March 10 was retracted by news outlets for being digitally manipulated. Lively, aged 36, also took this opportunity to announce the expansion of her beverage line, Betty Buzz, introducing four new products, including two mocktails.

Buzz Over Photo Spoof

The Betty Buzz Instagram account contributed to the jest, commenting beneath Lively's post, "Haters will say it's photoshop." Fans lauded Lively for her ingenious marketing prowess, interpreting her post as a playful commentary on the speculation over Middleton's recent absence from public view following abdominal surgery.

This speculation was further fueled when Middleton admitted to editing a family portrait, leading to public apologies for any confusion caused, as stated in a Kensington Palace release on March 11. While Middleton, 42, has maintained a low profile throughout the year, with no official public appearances, she was sighted on March 11 departing Windsor Castle alongside Prince William.

The couple was en route to a Commonwealth Day service, marking a rare glimpse of the Duchess, as recounted by photographer Jim Bennett to People Magazine. Lively's clever post not only shines a light on her brand but also brings a playful touch to the conversation about the pressures of public image and media scrutiny, all the while ensuring the discourse remains engaging and light-hearted.

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