Julie Andrews Open to Princess Diaries 3, Cautions Against Spoiling Legacy

Iconic duo Andrews and Hathaway ponder 'Princess Diaries 3

by Zain ul Abedin
Julie Andrews Open to Princess Diaries 3, Cautions Against Spoiling Legacy
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Julie Andrews, the beloved star renowned for her role in "The Princess Diaries," recently expressed her sentiments regarding the possibility of a third film in the iconic series. In an exclusive interview with TODAY.com, Andrews, at 88, reflected on the legacy of the franchise, suggesting that it might be wise to cherish the success of the existing films without pursuing further additions.

"It's been quite a stretch since we delighted audiences with the first two 'Diaries,'" Andrews remarked. "And while the affection for the series remains undiminished, there's a part of me that feels perhaps we should honor what we've achieved by not overextending its welcome.

There's little virtue in exhausting a theme to the point of desiccation."

Genovia's Uncertain Future

The original film, released 23 years ago, saw Andrews portray Queen Clarisse Renaldi, with Anne Hathaway as her granddaughter, Mia Thermopolis.

The narrative follows Mia's unexpected ascension to the throne of Genovia, a story that continued into the 2004 sequel, "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement." Despite the clamor for a third installment, Andrews conveyed a nuanced stance.

"The idea of revisiting Genovia with another film fills me with joy, yet I harbor no expectations of it coming to fruition," she admitted. The notion of a third "Princess Diaries" film has been teased in the past, notably by Hathaway in 2019 on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen." Hathaway shared that a script existed and that key figures from the previous films were eager to return, provided the project could meet their high standards.

"We all cherish the franchise as much as the fans do, which is why we insist on perfection," Hathaway explained. While Andrews confirmed discussions about a new project had occurred, she noted that, to her knowledge, plans might currently be on pause.

"There was certainly talk, yet nothing concrete has emerged," she clarified. Hathaway, in a conversation with PEOPLE earlier this year, emphasized the slow, deliberate nature of the film industry, urging fans to remain patient.

"Creating a movie is a meticulous process. Consider yourselves part of the industry, given how long it truly takes to bring ideas to life," she said. This blend of reverence for the past and cautious optimism for the future underscores the enduring love the cast and creators hold for "The Princess Diaries" series, even as they navigate the challenges of adding a worthy chapter to its storied legacy.