Dwayne Johnson: 'Girl Dad' Role with Three Daughters His Best Achievement

Dwayne Johnson shares heartwarming insights into his family life.

by Nouman Rasool
Dwayne Johnson: 'Girl Dad' Role with Three Daughters His Best Achievement
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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, celebrated for his formidable roles on screen, recently shared insights into his most cherished role off-screen: being a devoted father to his three daughters. During a heartfelt discussion on "The Drew Barrymore Show," the 51-year-old "Fast X" star opened up about the joys and profound influence of fatherhood, especially in shaping his relationship with his daughters.

Johnson, father to Simone Johnson, 22, with his ex-wife Dany Garcia, and Jasmine Johnson, 8, and Tiana Johnson, 5, with his wife Lauren Hashian, candidly spoke about the complexity of his own upbringing and the significant impact of strong female figures in his life.

His personal narrative underscored a journey from understanding the limitations of his father's parenting to appreciating the nurturing influence of his mother and other pivotal women who raised him.

Treasures of Fatherhood

Reflecting on his experiences, Johnson expressed, "Being a father to three girls has turned out to be the greatest blessing of my life." He emphasized the serendipitous nature of his fatherhood journey, highlighting how life bestowed upon him the gift of being a 'girl dad,' a role he treasures above all.

Johnson's conversation with Barrymore, which included sharing touching family photos, reiterated the pivotal role fatherhood plays in his life. He has previously shared with PEOPLE magazine his philosophy on parenting, emphasizing the importance of gentleness, active listening, and fostering an environment where his daughters feel empowered to pursue their dreams without limitations.

Beyond his parental philosophy, Johnson also touched upon how his entrepreneurial ventures, like his tequila brand Teremana, have facilitated a closer bond with his daughters, allowing him a flexibility in scheduling that was once a distant dream.

He affectionately refers to his at-home office as "Daddy Central," a hub of family activity where his daughters are constantly immersed in his world. Johnson's narrative is not just a testament to his success in the entertainment industry but also highlights his commitment to being an involved, loving father.

His reflections offer a glimpse into the softer side of "The Rock," showcasing a man deeply influenced by the strong women in his life and dedicated to raising his daughters with the same strength, compassion, and boundless opportunities.

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