Matthew Perry Conquering Addiction, Stepfather Reveals

Stepfather shares poignant insights into Matthew Perry's life.

by Zain ul Abedin
Matthew Perry Conquering Addiction, Stepfather Reveals
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Matthew Perry's stepfather, Keith Morrison, has shed light on the late Friends actor's struggle with addiction, revealing Perry's belief that he was making headway in overcoming his long-standing battle before his demise in October.

Despite Perry's optimism, Morrison emphasized that addiction is a relentless adversary, stating, "But you never beat it, and he knew that too." Perry, renowned for his candidness regarding alcohol and substance misuse, tragically passed away at the age of 54, discovered unresponsive in his hot tub.

According to the autopsy report, Perry's passing was attributed to a combination of ketamine and buprenorphine effects, along with coronary artery disease and drowning. Despite reports of Perry being "reportedly clean for 19 months," he was undergoing ketamine infusion therapy for depression and anxiety.

Reflecting on the profound loss, Morrison, who became Perry's stepfather when the actor was 12, shared the enduring pain he experiences daily. In an interview with NBC broadcaster Hoda Kotb on her Making Space podcast, Morrison expressed, "It's with you all the time...

And there's some new aspect of it that assaults your brain, and it's not easy."

Reflecting on Perry's Legacy

Morrison fondly reminisced about Perry's contentment before his passing, revealing, "He was happy, and he said so.

And he hadn't said that for a long time." However, he lamented Perry's premature departure, noting, "he didn't get to have his third act, and that's not fair." The interview marked Morrison's first public discussion since Perry's death, with the stepfather recalling Perry's vibrant personality and their close bond over the years.

Describing Perry as "goofy" and "funny," Morrison highlighted the actor's charisma, which commanded attention effortlessly. Despite their differing personalities, Morrison stressed their strong rapport, stating, "We were close." Acknowledging the challenges of battling addiction in the public eye, Morrison commended Perry's resilience and willingness to seek help when needed, underscoring the arduous nature of his struggle.

Perry's advocacy for addiction treatment during his life inspired the establishment of the Matthew Perry Foundation by his mother and stepfather following his untimely passing, aiming to support individuals grappling with similar challenges.

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