Valerie Bertinelli Finds Love Again Post-2022 Divorce: Romance Surprises Star

Valerie Bertinelli embarks on a transformative personal and culinary journey.

by Nouman Rasool
Valerie Bertinelli Finds Love Again Post-2022 Divorce: Romance Surprises Star
© Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Elton John AIDS Foundation

Valerie Bertinelli, celebrated actress and beloved Food Network personality, has recently shared exciting news about her personal life that has her fans and followers buzzing. At the age of 63, Bertinelli revealed in a heartfelt conversation with USA TODAY that she's embarked on a new romantic journey, a revelation that comes shortly after her divorce from Tom Vitale was finalized in November 2022.

The couple had been married for a decade, and this marks Bertinelli's fresh start in the world of dating. "I've met someone," Bertinelli expressed, her voice brimming with joy and gratitude. "This relationship is unlike anything I've ever experienced with a man before.

There's a special connection we share that I never anticipated finding, especially not at this stage in my life. It's a pleasant surprise that has me feeling incredibly blessed and fortunate." The details about the man who has captured Bertinelli's heart remain a mystery, as she chooses to keep his identity under wraps for now.

However, she didn't hold back when discussing the profound impact this unexpected romance has had on her. "He wasn't on my radar at all," she confessed. "I had resigned myself to a content life surrounded by my pets, never imagining someone as special as he is would come into my life out of the blue.

It feels like a testament to the importance of self-growth and timing."

Indulge: Love & Culinary

Bertinelli's journey of self-discovery and love arrives in tandem with her promotional efforts for her upcoming cookbook, "Indulge," set to release on April 2.

The cookbook, which Bertinelli discussed in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE in November 2023, focuses on the joys of culinary indulgence as a celebration of life. It features 100 recipes designed to nourish both the body and soul, a reflection of Bertinelli's recent emphasis on enriching her own life with things that bring her joy.

The Golden Globe award-winning actress made a memorable appearance at the Academy Awards, showing support for her son, Wolfgang Van Halen, who was nominated for his work. This public outing, coupled with cryptic hints on social media about a change in her dating status, fueled speculation among her fans until the recent confirmation of her new relationship.

Bertinelli's story is not just about finding love after loss; it's a narrative of personal growth, resilience, and the unexpected twists life can offer. Her message to fans is one of hope and encouragement, reminding everyone that sometimes, the best moments arrive when we least expect them.

As she continues to navigate this new chapter, Bertinelli's experiences resonate with many, offering a reminder of the transformative power of love and self-discovery.