Robert Downey Jr.: Family Dinners & Musical Jams

Exploring Robert Downey Jr.'s heartwarming home life dynamics.

by Nouman Rasool
Robert Downey Jr.: Family Dinners & Musical Jams
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At the prestigious Dolby Theater, Robert Downey Jr. captivated the audience as he accepted his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in "Oppenheimer." In his acceptance speech, filled with humor and warmth, Downey Jr. dedicated his award to his children: Exton, 12, Avri, 9, with his wife Susan of 18 years, and Indio, 30, from a previous relationship.

In an exclusive feature with PEOPLE magazine, the 58-year-old actor and his wife, Susan, 50, share insights into their harmonious family life. The couple, who met on the set of the 2003 thriller "Gothika," have since built a life together, not only as spouses but also as business partners with their production company, Team Downey.

Known for his quick wit and playful energy, Downey Jr. is the life of the party at home, engaging wholeheartedly in his children's interests. Susan Downey speaks fondly of her husband's dedication to their family, recalling how he once embraced their children's fascination with pancake art, ensuring they had all the necessary supplies.

Nowadays, music fills their home, with all three children showing a talent for instruments, much to their father's delight, despite occasional pleas for him to stop singing along.

Downey Family Traditions

The Downeys also value their family time, with Robert taking a keen interest in domestic life, from discussing home improvements with Susan to ensuring punctuality at family dinners.

This commitment to family unity was evident as they spent the day before the Oscars at their children's baseball games, a welcome diversion before the glamour of Hollywood's biggest night. Baseball weekends have become a cherished family tradition, providing a regular, shared activity that brings the Downeys closer together.

At home, the banter continues, with the children inheriting their father's sharp wit, a trait he himself inherited from his parents, filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. and actress Elsie. This glimpse into the Downey family's life showcases a blend of humor, love, and dedication, revealing the foundation behind Robert Downey Jr.' s successful career and happy home life.

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